How to build a strong brand is the $34,000 question isn’t it? Here are several key points that will help you to answer the BIG question.

Define the difference by answering the following questions:

  • How does it look different—what is the shape and color?
  • How does it sound different—what is the tone of voice?
  • How does it act differently—what is the personality?

As you answer these three questions, work them and work them hard.

Protect the difference:

  • Make sure everyone who uses the brand understands it
  • Have strict brand guidelines—inside the company and out
  • Be consistent and do not keep changing the brand

And I mean everyone in your company needs to be able to recite what is the brand, what do you offer to your customers, and what impact do each of your employee’s make on the bottom line.  Be consistent in every way that you touch the customer; this will help guide you to success!

Make the difference:

  • Use the brand in every part of your business
  • Make your  people proud of the brand
  • Make your customers love every  experience of the brand

Gain feedback on a continual basis from both your employees and customers and LISTEN to what they said. Set up a group of employees representing all functional areas of your company, letting them be the eyes, hears, heart and soul of the organization.

This is how you build the brand, enjoy it!


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