Nowadays, identity is the keyword in any business environment; every business needs to be unique and memorable in order that people can easily recognize it. One of the most powerful tools for identifying businesses’ uniqueness is a corporate logo design. A logo, embodied in mark, symbol or signature, does not boost the company directly or describe a business idea. When people see the logo of the company, they instantly associate it with the business name, as well as that business’s products and services. For example, if people see an apple with a bite out of the upper–right corner, they immediately identify it with Steve Jobs’ Apple. Seeing this logo evokes images of the company’s executives and their products such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. This is how corporate logo design works.

Why is Corporate Logo Design Necessary?

There are numerous reasons why corporate logo design is especially important for any business. In a general sense, there could be at least three: having a name, the copyright associated with that name, and having a trademark.

1. A Corporate Logo As the Company’s Name and Identity

On the one hand, corporate logos are synonymous with a business name, clearly identifying the company. But creating an identity is not as trivial as simply giving a name to something; it is also about the company’s values, vision and overall operation. When looking at a corporate logo design, the target audience should find it enthralling. It does not matter how simple a corporate logo design might be, it should always provide strong visual impact. People generally have good long-term visual memory, and if the corporate logo design is not appealing, it might not be memorable to the audience for the right reasons.

Let’s take a look at the Apple logo. The visual idea of its icon truly makes the Apple logo design unique and also catches the eye and imagination. As a result, some individuals elect to use Apple’s products to their benefit on the back of the fame and prestige associated with that corporate logo. For instance, some business people are apt to purchase and use iPads, iPhones, and other products carrying the Apple logo in order to exaggerate their own importance, social status and prestige in the business environment.

2. Corporate Logo Design Copyright

On the other hand, there is also a copyright associated with the corporate logo design. It is formal recognition of the author or owner of the logo in terms of the intellectual property rights and other privileges attached to it. Corporate logo design protection is covered by national and international laws, preventing the unauthorized use of a copyrighted corporate logo design in private or commercial interests. Otherwise, the use of stolen corporate logos certainly leads to investigation in court proceedings sooner or later.

3. Corporate Logo Design As a Trademark

In practice, the corporate logo design is applied as a trademark or brand. Aside from representing the company’s name, a corporate symbol also represents their products and services. The company incorporates its logo on all products, which enables people to identify a producer. For instance, Apple is the producer of the iPad. If people are going to buy a tablet, they would mostly associate high-quality manufacturing with the iPad and Apple. Moreover, the company’s track record and success stories, as well as widespread positive feedback, make people rather follow the Apple logo than take time to compare specifications.

How to make a superb corporate logo design

From the above, it is clear that corporate logo designs are crucial to the success of a business. With this in mind, both startups and established corporations should be sure that they have the best and most powerful corporate logo. However, to create a first-rate logo design is not easy as people may think.  It entails considerable work in order to make an effective corporate logo. With some insight into the world of corporate logo design, you will find that there are many vital aspects to take into consideration before designing a corporate if it is to be effective. In any case, there are few elements that companies should pay particular attention to.

For instance, the corporate logo design should be catchy and appealing if it is to create successful branding. Companies should make sure that the logo design reflects their mission, values, product lines, etc. For new companies, building up their corporate name alongside their logo also requires campaigning to introduce their business to their market and the world as a whole. However, it is important to remember that every company can gain worldwide fame, and not just because of just a logo, but the product too.

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