Employer Brand

Brand is the bread and butter of any business. But branding extends beyond the messages you are transmitting to your target customer. This is where your employer brand comes into play.

Your employer brand is how your company is framed to current and potential employees, how your current employees talk about their experience at your company, and how candidates perceive working at your company. It’s your reaction (good or bad) to hearing someone say, “I work at _______.”

Your employer brand goes much further than the logo of your company, or even your “team” page on your website. Your employer brand should tell a story related to the backgrounds, aspirations, and values of potential and current employees, and what that means for the organization.

Of course, the experience of your current employees is crucial in creating a strong employer brand. We all have those friends that grumble about their job and company culture. These complaints can add up to leave a negative taste in one’s mouth about what it means to work at this company.

So first, you have to make sure your employees are engaged, and then they will become the most active promoters of your employer brand.

In addition to encouraging happy employees to spread the word, there are some things you can do to actively promote your employer brand to the outside world:

  • Create fun swag that employees can wear around town and share with friends.
  • Profile individual employees and their experience at your company in your blog or website. Or you can even create a separate blog just for this purpose!
  • Experiment with new channels of promoting your employer brand, such as YouTube, SlideShare, and Instagram.
  • Treat your career page as a headliner, not an afterthought. Include your company values and plenty of visuals to illustrate what it’s like to work at your company.