America’s generation of future marketers is growing up on video and in photos. They’re becoming naturally accustomed to documenting their lives and the lives of others. They’re sensitive and insensitive tastes born new takes on comedy, drama, and life in general.

Their narratives aren’t about a brand as they are the brand. Brand companies come second. They expect to be served by those brands – to be clothed, fed, matched, and more.

And, as technology advances much of what used to be taken care of for them will be taken care of through artificial intelligence and machine learning. Marketing as we know it today will not be the same in their future.

Here are some thoughts on how to prepare for the end of brand marketing.

Logos Become Faces

At the launch of social media, it was thrilling to think that you could get a response from your favorite brand not to mention be embroiled in an online conversation. But no more. The consumers of tomorrow will expect accountability over a relationship and want to communicate with faces, not logos when needing service or filing a complaint. Social media marketers will need to adopt brand ambassadors who match the people they are marketing to.

Search Is the NEW King

Search will take over as King vs. content. So many options will exist that no longer will buyers need to reach countless articles or blog posts about products. They will simply search for what they’re looking for, find it, read reviews, and purchase. More complex sales in the enterprise sector will still require more advanced selling with content and video, but among the masses, the key will be to hit them in search.

Mobile is a Must Have

More and more, consumers, of all ages quite frankly, will be trying to move away from their desktop and opt-in giving mobile a go for more than just making dinner reservations. While the explosion of apps may have already happened, consumers will be expecting that any kind of transaction can take place on a simple mobile ready website. And, most purchases will.

It Will Take More Than a Village

Consumers will need to take to the streets in larger groups to affect change. Simply hoping a creative campaign on social will ignite change is failing to see how guerilla marketing is making a comeback and voices need to be heard and faces need to be seen, across mediums. And, watch out. These voices/faces will have been self-media trained, unafraid of their elders, and ready to take drastic moves to support their movements.

Marketing is always a moving target and if we don’t accept the fact that between fast advancing technology and that millennials and generations after them are of a different breed than their forefathers, more brands will not stand the test of time.