While I only read Cosmopolitan Magazine occasionally, (and mostly in airports or my sister-in-law’s house) I couldn’t help feeling like the death of longtime Cosmo editor, Helen Gurley Brown, was the end of an era. Though she and I have found our professional success in completely different industries, I always have an enormous amount of respect for women who break the glass ceiling – and judging by the reaction from social media users in the August 18th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, powered by NetBase, I’m not the only one who feels that she leaves behind a lasting legacy far beyond a couple of articles about makeup, fashion and sex. 67% of the conversation revolved around sentiments of “RIP” for Brown, 30% were pro-Cosmo, and the remaining 3% was a split between 1% for the Cosmo skeptics and 2% taking a light-hearted approach to a tribute. Check out some more of the commentary on how game-changing Brown was for the magazine industry and women in general:

Helen Gurley Brown was outrageous, smart and believed totally in the power of women.

Cosmo may not be a newsy magazine but Helen Gurley Brown was the one who made it okay for us to be ballsy. I’m proud to be in Cosmo.

After four years as a @CosmopolitanAU girl, I’m so sad to hear of Helen Gurley Brown’s passing. She totally changed publishing, true legend.

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