Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow has something important to teach you about building an unforgettable brand.

Tim Tebow opens hospitals for kids in the Philippines. He wins football games. He saves people on airplanes. He chases his dreams.

And gets ridiculed every step of the way.

Love him or hate him (or really hate him), Tim Tebow is someone we can’t seem to stop talking about.

Therein lies the lesson of this post – intentional or not, Tim Tebow has created an incredible personal brand. Here are four quick lessons you can learn from how the 29-year-old athlete, author and commentator has built such an impressive platform.

Do the Work

Everyone wants to be successful. Few people are willing to put in the work it takes to actually be successful. As an aspiring professional athlete, Tebow’s practice habits and workouts growing up are the stuff of legend.

Long story short – he put in the work to be where he is today. Long before any cameras were rolling, back when nobody was watching, he was working to achieve his dream.

Stand for Something

Say what you will about his viewpoints and beliefs, but admit this – Tim Tebow definitely makes it clear what he stands for.

From being ridiculed for wanting to remain a virgin until marriage to putting Bible verses on his eye black during football games, Tebow is unashamed to share his Christian faith.

It might make you feel more comfortable to shrink back and blend into the crowd with your business or personal brand, but doing so makes you boring and forgettable – both of which will kill your ability to generate buzz for your business.

Be Controversial

Tebow ignited another media firestorm while appearing in a Pro-Life television commercial with his mom during the 2010 Super Bowl.

“I know some people won’t agree with it,” Tebow said when the controversial ad was released. “But I think they can at least respect that I stand up for what I believe.”

No matter what side of it you’re on, being bold and controversial makes your brand much more memorable.

The biggest sin in marketing, after all, is being boring.

And while you don’t want to resort to over-the-top antics or fake controversy to build your brand, don’t be afraid to engage in some controversy if the timing (and your rationale) is right.

Ignore Critics

Perhaps most important of all, Tim Tebow doesn’t let others dictate what he should – or shouldn’t – do with his life.

His recent decision to try and play Major League Baseball at age 29 stirred up an incredible amount of ridicule and criticism from players, coaches, fans and members of the media.

“This is something I love and I’m passionate about it, but it’s not my identity,” Tebow said of his attempt to play baseball. “It’s not my foundation. I have that in so many bigger things – my faith, my family and all my relationships.

“When you have that mindset, it lets you be free to go out there and compete. You don’t have the fear of failure and what other people say about you. You can just go out there and go after what you believe.”

Something (or Someone) to Believe in

Love him or hate him, you can learn quite a bit from what Tim Tebow believes in. He’s built a remarkable personal brand, one that even his harshest critics would likely love to have.