my google screenshotGoogle’s official blog announced:  “Google’s Look Evolved.”

Their blog goes on… “These days, people interact with Google products across many different platforms, apps and devices—sometimes all in a single day. You expect Google to help you whenever and wherever you need it, whether it’s on your mobile phone, TV, watch, the dashboard in your car, and yes, even a desktop!”

What does this Mean for the Average Business Owner?

When you understand that people are using Google’s products to search for the products and services you are selling, you might see that you, like Google, must adjust your marketing to reflect these changes. If you don’t, the chances are that people will either not find you (Google no longer shows websites that are not mobile friendly in their search results) or may have a negative view of you. (Most people say they feel that companies don’t care about them if they have poorly designed websites.)

It isn’t Just About Google

What all business people must understand is that as the world changes, the way we communicate and interact with people (especially those we would like to sell to) also has to change. That means looking at your website to make sure that people on mobile devices are getting the best user experience possible. In fact, some marketers are espousing a “mobile first” design option for all websites – especially since more people are accessing the Internet from mobile devices than from computers. (Google understands this and has designed a classy-looking mobile version of their logo.)

It also means looking at how people are making buying decisions. While Social Media Marketing has been around for a few years now, many business owners have been slow to understand the enormous impact it has had on marketing in general.  Facebook recently announced that over 1 billion people had interacted with their site in one day!  The truth is that many of those people were interacting with businesses – and making buying decisions based not only on what the business pages said, but what their friends were saying about the businesses.

Facebook’s advertising products are getting more robust by the minute. Today you can re-target people who have visited your website or who are in the vicinity of your business – and these people don’t have to be your “fans.” Twitter and Pinterest are now both offering advertising options on their platforms.  And as these programs bring in more revenue – both to the social platforms and the businesses that use them – these programs will continue to grow and … evolve.

The thing about the world is that it is constantly evolving in almost every way.  Those of us who can evolve with it will be the winners.

See the new Google logo and Google doodle and the history of the Google logo: