shutterstock_145037491Building a great relationship between your personal brand and your customers often comes with a path of least resistance, especially when trust is still being established. But this process can greatly improve with the right style of communication. Capturing that first lead and sale is just the first step, and you want to ensure that all of your time and effort is paying off for the long term.

A personal brand’s relationship with its customers is more important than ever in today’s social-driven world. Your message and attention to the needs of your market becomes your greatest asset and can make or break a sale. The path to success involves careful attention to feedback, a quick response, and an ability to change when necessary. A great personal brand is built on authenticity, and shows its customers that they care about their needs and desires.

How exactly does this work? Through precise email marketing, image and communication. It is a combination of solving problems and drawing them into what you have to offer in a clear, and easy to understand message that will generate a response.

A brand with a contrived or automated perception will always be passed over, however; one that is all about transparency and reputation will win more customers. A smart business knows how to effectively reach their market, and also conveys a human approach.

How to attract customers

There are several steps you can take when building a customer base for your personal brand for long-term success.

• Make your brand available – How do new leads and customers perceive your business? Do they find it difficult to communicate with you or do you offer helpful feedback? When sending out communication decide to stay open to questions and concerns that may arise and be quick to respond, especially if there was any type of mistake on your part.

• Provide information that is beneficial – Everyone loves to receive something special, especially when it’s free. When creating an email campaign offer a free video, report, great tips, ect. Tailor this to your personal brand’s niche, and provide something of real value that they can use, and they will be more willing to trust your company and make a purchase.

• Get rid of the monotony – Have you ever received a series of the same types of emails from a brand over and over? What do you do with this type of communication? Most of us click the trash or delete button. Think about what stands out for your readers, and create a mixture of emails that will capture their attention. This could include anything from an inspirational video or a humorous take on a current topic in your market. There is a lot of room for creativity here – use it to your brand’s advantage!

Taking the time to build your email communication for your personal brand will not only attract more responses, but also helps you stand out from the rest and get noticed through word-of-mouth. When you provide something of real value, and are honest your brand will create a customer for life.