“The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.” – Steve Jobs

Defining your mission, image and voice in relation to your products and services is the first step in effective branding. This is an internal process before it becomes external, as it is founded upon company ideals then built into brand identity. Jobs describes this process as configuring the “way the company resonates with people emotionally.”

Although there are countless components within the branding process, your logo is ingrained within your identity. It’s often a quick way for consumers to instantly recognize your company – what you stand for and what you have to offer. Ideally, it will leave a lasting impression. The recent media buzz over Yahoo’s logo change is an excellent example as to how much it can impact public opinion.

As shown in this infographic, “What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand,” color and font are incredibly important determining factors in how a logo is perceived. 95% of brands use only one or two colors, with the most popular colors including blue, black and red. The simplification of design leads consumers to associate that hue with a certain company (like McDonald’s golden arch). When it comes to font and image decisions, 41% stick with text-only logos.

The changing logos of well-known brands typically signifies company evolution. It demonstrates advancement in accordance to societal culture and technological times – while maintaining a recognizable level of consistency. Entrepreneur examined 10 big brand logo transformations within the past few years, and we chose our three favorites to share with you below:


logo apple


logo microsoft


logo starbucks

Take a look at the rest of the logo transformations here and let us know what you think of these three brands changes in the comments below! Plus, contact ZOG Digital for all digital marketing solutions.

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