Much has been written about personal branding and how it can help you get a job. Personal branding, or executive branding if you prefer, when used properly can help win you promotions, and establish your brand as a leader in your role. If you can perfect your branding you can open the door to opportunities as headhunters and recruiters come knocking on your door.

Showcase your Industry Knowledge

Showcasing your industry knowledge through blogging you can brand yourself as a leader in your field. Its importance cannot be overstated. If you are going for promotion for example, you can show that you are ready for the next challenge by blogging about why you want the promotion, and cite your experience.

Furthermore, talking about how you bring solutions to challenges makes great reading and will help you forge connections in your field.

Platform for your Ideas

As well as showcasing your job knowledge through blogging, why not showcase your ideas. They could be on specifics to do with your role, to wider views on your industry as a whole. The secret to blogs of this nature is to explain your reasoning, and where possible cite examples to reinforce your views. If you can make your arguments compelling you can paint yourself as a visionary, and show your leadership potential.

Be a Brand Ambassador for your Company

As well as building your own brand, build that of your company. You have an opportunity here to show your loyalty to your company, and if you’re clever you can show how you are helping the company become successful. This pays dividends with your own company and shareholders, and you are being a role model to your colleagues. You will show you are a dependable executive ready to do the business for your company.

Take the Lead

All industries at one point or another run into ‘crisis’ and ‘controversy’ and at these times good leadership is essential. If you have good ideas to keep things back on track write about it in your blog. This can be risky, but if you can present your ideas in clear and meaningful way, you may create a buzz about your brand and put you on the map as it were.

Role of the Personal Brand

As an executive looking to lead you should look to create a buzz about your brand. If you look at well known industry figures, they create interest in their brand from appearing on TV (think Dragon’s Den) to launching spacecraft. (Richard Branson).

Obviously, you probably won’t have the opportunity to these things, but if you can create interesting topics for your blogs, that will appeal to your immediate colleagues and peers, you will get traction for what you have to say and your abilities.

If you can get it right, supporting your blogs through good executive social media use, then you will stay ahead of your competition, enhance and advance your career, and show your leadership potential.