ribbon on fingerHere are a few easy-to-remember and easy-to-do tactics to improve your online presence and your personal brand.

Add content before requesting likes
Before inviting anyone to “like” your Facebook page, be sure there’s some solid content there. I’m often invited to a page that has no content at all. Even if I know you, I will hesitate to click on “like” in this situation. On principle. Give people a genuine reason to like your page.

Tweet first, then follow
Publish some tweets before you start following people on Twitter. Sure, you can lurk. But don’t start actively following until your bio is complete and you have a few tweets under your belt. When a person is notified that you have followed her, the first thing she’ll do is check your bio and your latest tweets. You’re unlikely to score a follow if either of these is incomplete.

Don’t start with @
If you begin a tweet with the @ sign, only the people who follow you and the recipient of the tweet will see it. If that’s your intention, fine. But if you want others to see it on Twitter, start the tweet with a different word or just place a period before the @ sign.

Check your links
It happens to the best of us. You send out a newsletter and then discover one of the links is bad, even though you tested everything. Or so you thought. Most email publishing platforms (I use Aweber) allow you to test before emailing. Do it! And click on every link in the test email.

Give before you get
If you contact someone by email or through LinkedIn and ask them for something, chances are they’ll hit “delete” in seconds. Instead, offer them something. Ask what you can do for them. This makes all the difference.