Five Reasons Why You Should Change Your Logo

Never underestimate the power of company logos. This is basically the face that you are going to display to your business prospects. And since we are talking about faces, it had to be something good in the eyes of the audience. Now, if you have a company logo already, well and good, you have something to use for your marketing efforts.

But, how sure are you that your logo is good enough? Actually, how will you figure out whether you need a logo make-over? And does updating your logo really matter in business?

These are just some of the questions that you really need to answer, so here are some guidelines you should take note of:

1. It does not work well with modern media – while the designs of your logo may fit well with your company five or ten years ago, it is no assurance that this same logo will carry your business on in the next year or so. To be exact, your logo may not work with the different marketing mediums, like social media and email, that we may use. A good logo must be something that can be used on all platforms, be it on paper or on a smartphone screen.

2. It may not represent your business currently – over time, it is normal for a business to evolve, to adapt to the changes in the market. An effective business logo must stay true to the image your business wants to project. It must be able to capture the essence of what your business is all about, as well as to what direction you want it to head into the future.

3. It was done by you – it may be that, at the start, you had your logo done all on your own, so the quality of it may be sub part. In today’s highly image-sensitive market, you need to have a really professional-looking logo to back you up. It is all about appearance anyway. You want to look smart, capable, and reliable enough for your prospects.

4. It is not as appealing compared to your competitors – this is one very troublesome detail that you would want to avoid. If your logo is any way less impressive than your competition, then it should not come as a surprise if your customers are moving on. Once you notice the discrepancy between you and your competition, a little image makeover will be in order.

5. It is too complicated for those who see it – now this would be a real bummer for viewers. A good logo will tell you what your company is about, but it must also be simple enough for ease of viewing. Think of Apple or Coca-Cola. They are simple enough, but sure knows how to make a statement.

Having a business logo is very important to your company. If you want to attract customers, make a statement in the market, or simply have one up against the competition, then having a really attractive business logo can make that easily happen.

This content originally appeared to Marketing Appointment Setting Blog.