Brand ambassadors are an integral part of the social activation formula. These are people who are hired by a company to represent a brand, someone who personifies the product in every sense.

Yet, what does it mean to personify a brand? Here are some famous examples of brand ambassadors.

Leonardo DiCaprio for TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer, a brand that is best known for its watches, stands for class and timelessness. Leonardo DiCaprio showcases the best of this brand both through his beliefs and accomplishments.

Famous brand ambassadors

As most people know, DiCaprio became internationally famed after his performance in Titanic, and has followed through with an extremely successful film career. One would think that this alone would qualify him to be a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer, but DiCaprio brought more to the table.

Leonardo DiCaprio is passionate about environmentally friendly technologies, which coincidentally TAG Heuer had also been working on for a time. TAG Heuer has been progressively raising sustainability in their factories, partnering with the Green Cross. With a common purpose as well as a similar reputation for sophistication, DiCaprio was a natural chocie for the luxury brand.

Emma Watson for Lancôme Paris

Lancome itself explains best the traits for which Emma Watson was selected as a brand ambassador: “Known for her powerful accomplishments Emma Watson captures the fresh, young and vibrant spirit of Lancôme.” Watson herself described the brand as representing authenticity, elegance, and style – which she herself is well-known for.

Famous brand ambassadors
Source: Huffington Post

In addition to the personality match, Emma Watson also describes her love for makeup: ” I’ve always loved make-up, it’s transformative. If you wake up feeling a bit grey and tired you can use it to change the way you feel about yourself – and you can carry it around with you.”

With all the bases covered, Emma Watson succeeded in joining a long line of admirable women in being ambassadors for Lancome.