The face of your brand is everything when it comes to online branding. This is the face that your customers will come into contact every time they read a piece of content or speak to your social media reps on Facebook. Remember that personal branding isn’t all about you.

But personal branding is hard when people aren’t connecting with the face of your brand. This guide is going to show you some of the reasons why the face of your brand is doing more harm than good when it comes to promoting your services on the Internet.

The Tone is All Wrong

To begin with, the worst thing you can do is to adopt a corporate tone. It doesn’t matter if you happen to be a professional company that has to maintain a formal tone at all times. This isn’t what people want.

The problem with the formal defined corporate voice is that it sounds robotic. Nobody would speak like that in the real world, and so it’s difficult for people to identify with that. Your tone should be friendly and casual because it makes you look like a human being behind the computer screen.

The changes are subtle, but it’s easy for people to spot, and they tend to shun companies that adopt it.

Inconsistent Messaging

The one mistake startups make when getting started is that they are inconsistent when it comes to messaging. Inconsistent messaging is a sign that you have no idea what your company does, or at the very least your entire workforce doesn’t understand it.

In terms of the face of your brand, inconsistent messaging can come about in two ways. To begin with, you may have a situation where your brand is sending mixed messages. In the worst case scenario, the message may even be entirely wrong.

Another form of inconsistent messaging is the voice you are using. If you have two bloggers using two entirely different tones, you are going to struggle to connect with your customers because they are going to be left confused.

Counter this through adopting a set of branding guidelines. Everyone involved in producing content for your brand should be on the same page to ensure consistency.

What is Your Face Talking About?

This is more important than you think. What your face is talking about is just as important as how you say it. Your face should be talking about subjects that are relevant to the customers you are targeting. One of the biggest reasons why companies turn away from your brand is because you’re not fulfilling their needs.

For example, you may decide to use a philanthropy marketing mix, but if you are not dealing with a charity your customers care about you are wasting your time.

Make sure that you know what your customers want before you start posting or you are going to struggle to gain any traction at all. And you may even lose authority because you are not fulfilling their needs. A loss of authority is significant because 84% of B2B sales start with a referral.

A reputation can stick, so you must make sure you get this right the first time.

Talking in All the Wrong Places

You already know that you need to be talking about the right things. But you also need to be talking in the right places. It makes no sense to spend your time on LinkedIn if you are running a cake baking company. This is not where your target audience is likely to be hanging out.

Your digital marketing strategy has to include a section on where your audience is hanging out and where you are going to dedicate the most time.

Do your research and try out certain channels for a short time prior to deciding whether to continue with them or not. It’s best to keep the number of channels to a minimum so you can avoid diverting too many of your resources. The worst thing you can do is to spread yourself too thin, then you will get less from each channel you are interacting with.


Your personal brand is something that will forever endure. If you mess it up, you are going to have a hard time recovering it again. The answer is in going out of your way to ensure that nothing bad happens to it in the first place. And that requires planning.

Coordinate with everyone in a customer-facing capacity. Make sure that you are all adopting the same message and the same approach.

Do it correctly and this will improve sales and boost your long-term prospects.