shutterstock_265877297Measuring social media influence for your brand is important when establishing credibility in this online world of business. While many tools track your authority, it is Klout that remains at the top in terms of being the standard. Recently the company announced its method of calculating a user’s score, which can help you gain more insight for a better online persona.

Klout analyses your brand’s content, shares, retweets, and communication through their own proprietary algorithm. The tool bases a user’s score anywhere from 1 to 100, and displays the level of influence according to your connections and activity.

How can your personal brand benefit from an understanding of Klout’s measurement methods? There are several factors to consider when building your score.

● Original and authentic content – Klout takes into account an individual or brand’s influence through remarkable content that generates a conversation. This is especially the case for those who appear on Wikipedia, which can greatly increase a user’s score. Pay special attention on your blog and on social media to unique reactions with high level influencers. This will help establish your brand as a leading authority online.

● Pay attention to your most active social networks – Where your community is engaging will directly affect your influencer score on Klout. Your brand will want to make sure that the most active accounts are connected in order to factor this in. Depending on your niche there may be some social profiles that are more important than others. If your brand is selling goods for example, then Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube will rank higher than other networks due to the importance of images and video.

● Offline and online branding go together – While social media is still a major factor in measuring influence for a brand, there are events, seminars, as well as online activity that can help establish your company as a leader in your industry. Brand perception is often generated from both arenas and encourages feedback or a ‘buzz’ online.

By better understanding how your score is calculated your brand will be able to hone in more on which activity is building the most influence for you. Learn how to improve your social proof by observing what the competition is doing, and always be open to change in strategy through this process.