Why Entrepreneurs Need Business and Personal BrandingAs an entrepreneur, are you often confused by the idea of branding? You are not alone. Many entrepreneurs are not sure how to brand their companies or themselves – often resulting in wasted time and energy that could be used to grow your business.

What many experts don’t tell entrepreneurs is this: When you own a business, it’s important to follow two branding paths. Entrepreneurs need a business branding path, where you brand your company, and a path for personal branding, where you brand yourself. Using business and personal branding doubles your chances for success and profit.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest branding questions, and how business and personal branding can achieve your goals:

What is business and personal branding?

Business branding is the distinct personality of your company. Think of it as a complex bundle of feelings about your product/service and overall company. Business branding answers the question: “How do I want people to feel about my business?”

Personal branding is about differentiating yourself in a specific field by showing your expertise. Think of personal branding as how you make a name for yourself. Personal branding answers the question: “What do I want people to consider me to be an expert in?”

Why do entrepreneurs need business and personal branding?

Entrepreneurs need business branding because it helps claim your spot in the marketplace, keeping your business first in mind. Business branding ensures your goals and mission are reflected in all that your company does.

Likewise, entrepreneurs can leverage personal branding to keep themselves ahead of the competition. People buy from those they trust, and when you’re showing the personal side of your brand, you can make those trustworthy connections that will only prosper over time.

How does business and personal branding really help my business?

When you use business and personal branding together, you are putting your company on turbo power because you can accomplish the following goals even faster:

  • Business and personal branding focus on relationship building, allowing you to solve your customer’s biggest problems.
  • Business and personal branding helps you maintain consistency because you always have a plan for how you are going to present yourself to your audience.
  • When you have business and personal branding strategies, you are “everywhere.” Both strategies require a multi-directional approach, including social media, in-person networking, signage, blogging and more. When you’re omnipresent as an entrepreneur, you attract a greater audience.
  • Business and personal branding elevates your status as a subject matter expert. As you share more information about your field, people will respect your expertise even more, and they’ll turn to you when it’s time to make a purchase.
  • Both types of branding require you to measure your results. What is effective in attracting your ideal audience? What tactics can you abandon? When you are measuring your branding results, you are constantly improving your business and personal brands.

When you employ business and personal branding, you are supercharging your company, putting it on a fast track to attracting your ideal audience, growing a positive reputation and becoming a trusted advisor in your industry. Entrepreneurs need a business branding strategy to keep their company name first in a competitive marketplace. They also need a personal branding strategy to help them emerge as an expert in their niche.

When you combine business and personal branding, you are stacking the deck, doubling your chances for a successful and profitable business – and a business life that will be rewarding and prosperous for years to come.


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