Keep Active on Twitter

At first it can seem like the world stands still on Twitter. This is true using any new social media platform. The trick is persistence, so make sure you’re using it for at least 30 consecutive days. Soon you’ll see your following grow and conversations begin. This is where the value in using Twitter for executive brand success lies.

Following Twitter Users

It is a good idea to follow two people per day. Use Twitter search facilities to ensure they work within your niche. These users will be more likely to be interested in your executive brand. To use Twitter successfully it is a good idea to stay within your niche, and not try to follow too many people in unrelated niches to your brand. It’s fine to show a few personal interests, but it is not a great idea to follow people where your brand values won’t have an impact.

Following leaders in your industry is always a good idea. They will have plenty of followers of people who are in your niche, and soon you have the opportunity to connect with them. Always check the Twitter who to follow tab as sometimes you can find some real gems.

If you want to expand this further, follow the people that your industry leaders follow. Simply look on their profile and click the following tab. You’ll be presented with a good list of people to follow.

Share the Love

The Twitter Discover tab is a great resource. To use it simply click it and retweet the more interesting posts in your niche. This is like sharing on LinkedIn and Facebook. More importantly, it is getting you noticed by people in your industry. Executive branding is like company branding in the sense that it is about keeping visible.

Also, if someone retweets your tweet, favourite that retweet. Making a tweet a favourite is like a ‘Like’ on LinkedIn and Facebook. You’re showing appreciation.

Follow your Followers

If somebody follows you follow them back. Why wouldn’t you?


Check your notifications tab every day. Here you will be alerted to new followers and conversations. Always reply to people who have started a conversation, and use the facility to start them. Asking a question is always a good option.

Change Trends to make them Relevant

Next to the Trends box, you’ll see the word change. Simply follow the process to make trending topics more relevant to you. Ensure you tweet about trending topics once per day.

Boost your Executive Brand

To boost your executive brand the easy way, use our dedicated executive personal branding service which takes care of the blogging and social media side for you. This raises your profile which in turn opens the door to opportunities for you.