It’s time to get epic!  See how great brands magnify the power of their brand story by marketing with heroism.  In this three-minute emotional marketing lesson video, I show how everyday products can be magically transformed into a valiant quest for glory.

Ever seen an ad and just feel epic? Well, that’s emotional branding in motion to make you feel like the hero that you want to be. Today, how Nike advertising has mastered the art of positioning a brand to make you feel like a superhuman.

Positioning a Brand for Heroism

When we buy a product, it’s usually to solve a problem that we have. We buy drinks to quench thirst, food to slake hunger, etc. But the best emotional branding brands supercharge this process and make it so much more. These are the masters of positioning a brand to be something significantly more than what the actual product is. This exercise in emotional branding takes our mundane lives to the next level, and endears brands to customers in a profound way.