Embracing change is a challenging and daunting undertaking for brands, but an essential action needed to maintain relevancy and industry clout. Brands must periodically reinvent themselves to survive in a rapidly changing swarm of social buzz, viral videos and innovative Kickstarter campaigns where any startup now has a chance to play with the big boys. It’s time to ask yourself, “is my brand making the most of digital opportunities to stay relevant?”

Identify Opportunities

The first step to reinventing your brand starts with a long look in the mirror. Develop a deep understanding of the obstacles and opportunities your brand faces by analyzing historical data, industry trends, competitor strategies and audience interests. After identifying your story, take a fresh look at your goals and ask the hard questions about relevancy and direction needed to realign your brand with success.

Employ Audience Insights

Let your audience dictate the direction of your new strategy through their expectations and experiences. Leverage this first-hand insight to incorporate user feedback and surprise and delight fans with a fresh approach shaped entirely around them. Define your competitive edge by addressing what makes your brand unique and valuable to users.

Create a Vision

To create a vision that makes a lasting impact on your industry, focus short-term and long-term goals around a singular theme that resonates throughout everything your brand does. Make your voice clear and your vision known with bold tactics, content, and delivery throughout all your marketing efforts.

By establishing a sense of urgency, value and commitment, your brand can foster more fan engagement across all channels. Remember that your brand my only get one shot at reinventing itself, so dedicate yourself to every opportunity.

Quit Talking Start Doing

The problem most companies face during a brand reboot is taking action. Juggling the many components of a digital strategy while developing a new image takes extensive resources and the bravery to boldly execute. Don’t let your brand get lost in the sea of marketing buzzwords and bandwagon digital tactics; form a plan and take the leap of faith with confidence in your new vision.

Companies such as Hanes and Nordstrom, both founded in 1901, continue to demand authority over 100 years later because they are brands that consistently perform. Brands like these demonstrate that it’s less about what to do and more about how to get it done. Create change that works by leveraging the unique strengths of internal and external teams to deliver strong and valuable change.

Monitor Trends and Set the Tone

Keep a close eye on the performance of your new campaigns to maximize your brand’s value. Listen to the story your data tells, watch engagement rates and continually make adjustments to optimize delivery and tone. Remain current with industry trends, digital news and competitor developments to stay relevant in a rapidly changing environment.

Don’t be afraid to make bold moves in your space that can establish your brand as a thought leader and cutting edge industry influencer. Remember, it’s often better to burn out than fade away.

Take Action

Taking the first step is always the hardest. Turning your vision into reality takes extensive resources and dedication, but it should not be a journey your brand faces alone. Leverage the knowledge and expertise of an outside organization to help bring your vision to life with proven structure, bold creativity and quantifiable results.