Have you ever watched one of those jewelry commercials where the people are all proclaiming, “He went to Jared!”? Well, it’s a safe bet that you know at least three of those commercials and that you remember exactly where the guy went. He went to Jared, and now you’ll remember it forever. That’s the awesome power of a good tagline.

Behind the actual name of your company and the company’s logo, your company’s tagline is part of the trifecta of brand importance. The tagline isn’t necessarily placed above the logo, but few people actually speak about just what a great tagline can do for a brand.

So while you’re contemplating your logo design, you also need to think about your tagline.

The Must-Haves of a Solid Logo
Before we delve into what creates a winning tagline, let’s briefly touch on some of the aspects that make up a good logo. Remember, there’s an abundance of literature on the subject of logos specifically, so we’ll be brief here. But it would also be remiss to completely skip over it.

There are a lot of different options when looking to create a logo, such as services like Logosack and other quality choices you can make. But in terms of what actually constitutes success, here’s some of what makes a great logo:

  • Make the logo visually appealing
  • Make the logo unique
  • Make sure it speaks for the brand
  • Make sure the logo is recognizable and memorable
  • Don’t be afraid to test it out
  • Avoid clipart, photos and other similar elements
  • Always use a professional service to assist you
  • Avoid using special effects
  • Stick with a single type of font
  • Don’t go crazy with the details
  • And make sure it’s multimedia friendly

Steps to Create a Good Tagline
“Just Do It,” “Save Money. Live Better,” “The King of Beers,” Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner” – these are just a few of the great taglines that have been used by some really big brands. A company like Nike, for example, doesn’t always use that tagline in conjunction with their Swoosh logo. Sometimes they just let the logo speak for itself, and sometimes “Just Do It” speaks for itself. It’s an awesome benefit when you can create such a catchy and apt tagline or slogan to complement your logo.

So, how do you go about creating a winning tagline? It’s all about a few key principles:

  • The Benefit: What your customers receive from you.
  • The Value: What you’re willingly offering your customers.
  • The Experience: What your tagline conveys.
  • The Feature: The product that’s being pushed behind the slogan.
  • The Audience: The people in the market you’re targeting.

Let’s go back and use Nike’s tagline “Just Do It” to put these principles to practical use. First up, the benefit here is a superior athletic shoe. That’s what customers gain, as the tagline suggests. That also speaks to the actual value of the product. Nike is offering something better.

Then there’s the experience and the feature. People want to be part of the experience; they want to just do it! The feature, the actual shoe, stands as the proof that the customer has taken Nike’s tagline serious. They purchase the shoe, they’re doing it. And that covers the audience.In plain English: What this means is that you want to convey with your tagline everything that the product stands for. You want to show how your product is beneficial to the customer and how it’s a great value and a superior product. You want to evoke real emotion to make customers want to participate in the experience by buying the product. And, most of all, you want to target the right audience directly.

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