Having a well-planned headline is an important element for your personal brand in which your content can stand out right away. The right words can either pull in a reader or make them move on to a competitor.

There are several ways that the right title can work for your brand, which can bring more website visitors and social media fans and followers. Knowing the needs of your audience enables your company to write emotionally compelling words that speak to them directly.

Creating the right headline takes testing, and involves knowing what words to use according to each topic. Here are several ways your titles can bring more attention:

  • Keep it simple – Avoid using too many words — a clear, concise, and simple description is much easier to understand. Keep in mind that many people are reading your content on their mobile devices and don’t want to scroll through a lot of text to get to the message.
  • Use uncommon words – Phrases that are used often are just like the other thousands of posts online. These appear like spam, and can be a real turn-off for the reader. Go beyond the sales message and write titles that present their problem in a unique way.
  • Ask people to share their opinion – Questions are a fun way for your readers to engage with your content and for you as a brand to learn more about your target market. This type of headline can help you improve upon your content and provide more value for your customers.
  • Make a deadline – A specific date will compel your audience to want to find more about the an event, launch ect. This can work for a historical reference as well as something coming in the future. By providing a deadline they will be more likely to read about why they should take action.

Writing headlines that cater to your readers will keep your personal brand’s content attractive and shareable. It’s more important than ever that your posts get seen above the ordinary copy that is often published online.