See how your business + the right colors for your brand can lift the spirits of people who are COVID-19 pandemic-weary…

A strong brand identity comprises many factors and tells the story of what you offer, molding and shaping expectations and beliefs that fulfill your clients’ wants and needs. Since there are many components that, ideally, require consultation with a marketing expert, we are going to focus on perceptions sparked by color and how this can be an advantage. Color is very welcome during the mundane home-bound days we are tolerating while business prepares to open again, full-steam ahead.

Is your brand colorful in the minds of your audience? That can be metaphorical if your brand looks good in crisp black and white design, but the result is the same good news. The right colors for your brand can evoke a favorable reaction from people who are growing weary from pandemic-induced quarantines. Let’s explore ways to brighten their spirits and earn loyalty for your business.

First, some basic facts about our favorite primary colors:

BLUE reflects trust, peace, truth, confidence, and authority. Organizations bolstered by BLUE include Ford, GE, Intel, Pfizer, and Walmart.

GREEN signifies rebirth, growth, luck, and healing. Organizations growing with GREEN include Whole Foods, Land Rover, and Minuteman Press.

ORANGE shows potency, determination, strength, and courage. Organizations optimized with ORANGE include Harley Davidson, Home Depot, and Reese’s.

PURPLE portrays wealth, inspiration, and dignity. Organizations pumped up by PURPLE include the LA Lakers, Cadbury, and Yahoo!

RED tends to denote love, determination, courage, and potency. Companies rising with RED include Red Cross, Netflix and Harvard University.

YELLOW evokes optimism, vision, caution, and joy. Organizations you know because of YELLOW include Post-it, Shell, and National Geographic.

ivanovgood / Pixabay

The pressure is off when it comes to the world of color: How to use colors to enliven your brand may not be an exact science but the wonderful thing about it is that it brings art to life… and art is open to interpretation. So, examine if your current use of color honors your brand and enjoy the process of updating and refreshing your logo and design across digital and printed channels. This can be done on a budget and can incorporate smart tools for our current situation like direct mail and social distancing signage, all to show you care.

DID YOU KNOW? Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%. Customers are 80% more likely to notice you if you consistently use the same color on your branding material. (Source: Venngage)

Once you have a good feeling about the colors your brand needs to speak authentically to your audience, use them! You need to make yourself highly visible and the way to do this effectively is to streamline color so it is uniform throughout digital and printed channels. Consistent use of brand color reaps rewards and it has particular power now when looking is more appealing than touching during social distancing practices. So, from your social media, website, LinkedIn, your branded envelopes, letterhead, postcards and signage, make sure the colors align and are professionally produced. Today, prices are reduced and marketing experts can help shave off costs by streamlining your campaign.

Stay consistent with your branding and reinforce both in person and right now, on the screen during Zoom meetings and virtual video conference calls. From video conferencing backdrops and coffee mugs to custom branded apparel, you can still reinforce your colors and branding during this phase of COVID-19. Doing these little things will make a big impression both in showing your professionalism and keeping your brand top of mind with clients and partners.

Unfortunately, the most prominent colors on many people’s minds during the pandemic are more along the lines of gray than some of the more vibrant ones. People have cabin fever and whatever colors their walls are painted now are likely getting old. Now is a good time to repurpose your brand and reintroduce people to the brilliance of color. Present a gentle, colorful, supportive message of hope that leaves room for lasting loyalty.

This is also something for new and emerging brands to think about as we adapt and find new ways to conduct business in the post-COVID-19 business world. If you are new and offering something in the form of relief or a service that will ease their burdens, your customers will welcome compassionate expressions of care from your business right now and you can do it by adding a little color to replace the monotony of quarantine. We need to remind and reeducate our audiences that our business is a harbinger of normalcy and better yet, good times are still to come.

Ultimately, in simple, inexpensive ways that respect health and safety guidelines at this time, you should make your brand part of the breath of fresh air that everyone craves.