In the midst of the crazy holiday shopping season, we are excited to introduce the Holiday Shopping Mood Meter, a dynamic analysis that measures the feelings expressed by online shoppers about these ten popular shopping locations: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Amazon, Old Navy, The Home Depot, Sears, Toys R Us, and Kohl’s. Updated hourly, it measures the Net Sentiment of buzz about these retailers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday provided the Mood Meter with a lot of brand chatter last week. You can see how the Net Sentiment has changed for all ten brands since it kicked off on November 19th.

Daily Winners (11/19-11/29)

11/19-11/20: Kohl’s was the most loved

11/21: Amazon jumped to #1

11/22 (Thanksgiving): Macy’s ruled the roost

11/23 (Black Friday): Home Depot and Macy’s beat out Amazon

11/24: Kohl’s, Amazon and Best Buy made up the top 3

11/25: Target reached #1

11/26 (Cyber Monday): Amazon is back on top followed by Kohl’s and Best Buy

11/27: Kohl’s is #1 again

11/28: Amazon moved to the top once more, with Kohl’s and Old Navy tied at #2

11/29: Amazon remains on top, but Best Buy edges Kohl’s out for a position in the top 3

The Monday before Thanksgiving, Kohl’s dominated the other brands in the Mood Meter rankings with a Net Sentiment score of 80 for a spot at #1. Walmart began at #10 with a Net Sentiment score of 6. On day one, all of the brands had positive sentiment, but the high stress and traffic of Black Friday and Cyber Monday would change that.

Kohl’s maintained its position at number one on November 20th, 24th and 27th! I dug into consumer verbatim to see what was driving such high sentiment for the bargain brand, and found that consumers were raving about the better than ever deals during the holidays:

@heyyitstaaylor kohls had a really good deal today !

Kohl’s has even better deals than earlier this morning with new coupon code!

Meanwhile, Walmart spent six consecutive days at #10, before Toys R Us took its spot on November 25th, right after Black Friday but before Cyber Monday. When looking into consumer chatter about the big box store, they were most frustrated with Walmart’s packed parking lot:

Someone come save me!! I’m stuck in Walmart’s parking lot!!

The parking lot at walmart is insane.

Today, our top winners are Old Navy, and Target, while Toys R Us, Walmart and Sears remain at the bottom. More than ever, it’s apparent to me how critical it is to engage with customers on social media and to really listen to what they have to say.

Keep an eye on the Mood Meter while you do your holiday shopping – and good luck!