One look online and you will see literally hundreds of guides on branding. They will tell you about lots of tips and tricks you can take advantage of in order to boost your personal brand. You will hear about how to use philanthropy in a marketing mix and how to build your online reputation.

Yet none of this is as relevant as consistency. Consistency within your brand will make your startup stand out, and this article is going to explain why.

What is Consistency?

It’s important to grasp what consistency actually is because 60% of Americans expect it. There are many types of consistency when it comes to branding. Sometimes it’s about maintaining the same tone within all articles, whereas on other occasions it’s about posting on your blog every week.

There are some rare scenarios where consistency does need to be broken to avoid becoming stale. For example, you may bring in a guest blogger to write something. But in the majority of occasions consistency beats out everything else.

Create a Sense of Familiarity

The goal for any business is to bring in customers and to keep bringing them back. Creating solid customer relationships is difficult and it takes time. You need to give a reason to start coming back for more, and one of the reasons they will keep coming back is that they are familiar with you.

The only way you are going to create this sense of familiarity is through adopting the same tone, so it’s like they are coming back to see a friend over and over again. If your tone is changing every other week, your customers are going to become confused and that relationship will never form.

The Brand Message

To make people remember you, it’s necessary to tell them the same message over and over again. It doesn’t mean you have to write about the same topic week after week, but the overall message must always be the same. It’s no coincidence that successful companies have the same call to action at the bottom of every post.

Everything has to fit into the sales funnel, and so usually the call to action will be the same. You want to tell your target market what you want them to do, and it should be the same thing.

It may be to subscribe to something, to buy something, or to get in touch. But the message has to be the same every time.

Who are You Talking To?

Not only do you need consistency in your messaging you need consistency in the audience you are targeting. If you are writing for single mothers one week and abused children the next, you are going to have a confused message and a confused brand.

What do you really stand for? Who is your target audience? What are you trying to accomplish?

This has to be the same because it’s going to define your brand. It’s what your brand is going to be known for in the eyes of people.

Higher Level Marketing

The same slogan, the same colors, and the same messaging are not just a part of your company. It’s a form of higher level marketing. Everything is so closely integrated with each other that whenever someone sees your logo or name they are already thinking about making that next purchase from you.

One look at the Apple logo, for example, already brings up images of their smartphones and tablets in your mind. And that’s all down to great branding. This is higher level marketing that most companies never reach, but with consistency in your branding you can do just that.

You can become the next apple.

They Will Trust You

Ultimately, branding is all about creating trust. Brands that have a positive reputation gain customers by virtue of their trustworthiness alone. Whenever someone buys from you for the first time they don’t feel as if they are taking some sort of risk.

A strong brand that’s consistent at all levels will make it more likely that new and existing customers are going to trust you.


Branding is about consistency. There are so many benefits to consistency that it practically determines whether your company will become a success or not. These branding principles apply whether you’re a startup or whether you’re a huge corporation.

Get it right if you want to beat out the competition.