The expenses associated with starting a new business or non-profit venture can overwhelm even the most experienced professional. Fortunately, crowdsourcing sites can save you time and money when it comes to creating a brand image. Wondering how you can integrate crowdsourcing into your business plan or your next event? Start by using crowdsourcing platform – there are tons to choose from, to initiate a logo competition.

Why Choose Crowdsourcing?

Hiring a graphic designer or illustrator in your hometown comes with a few perks. Yes, you can meet them in person and discuss your project at length before work begins. However, hiring a designer or illustrator to create a logo on your own comes with some risks as well. It may be weeks before you see a first draft. You may not like the first draft. You may not even like the second draft or the third. Despite the underwhelming results, you may still be obligated to pay the graphic designer for the time he or she put into the project.

Crowdsourcing eliminates all of those risks.

How Does It Work?

Crowdsourcing sites work on the contest model; they enable proprietors and project managers to access designers and artists all over the world. Thousands of professional, experienced designers work on any type of graphic design project, including logos, labels, t-shirts or website designs.

After registering with the crowdsourcing site, simply write a design brief that includes all pertinent information about the project. You will also need to submit a budget for the project. Designers will view the briefs and choose which projects they want to work on. Within hours, you should begin receiving design. You can usually expect dozens of options within 3 to 5 days.

The quality and relevancy of designs rests heavily with you, the customer. If you want crowdsourcing to deliver a fantastic logo that really creates a memorable brand image, you need to be diligent in delivering a comprehensive, detailed and straightforward brief. This includes providing any pre-existing brand guidelines, information on business products and services and how you would like the brand to be seen by customers.

Who Are These Designers?

Crowdsource designers come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are skilled graphic designers who freelance as a side business. Others are professional illustrators. Some are up-and-coming artists looking to build a portfolio. You will receive samples from many different designers with many different skill sets. Some are proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and other have other tools in their arsenal, such as hand drawing and writing skills.

The vast array of talent and experience available via design crowdsourcing means that these designers are well versed in creating logos for all types of small businesses in many different verticals. Not only have they created logos that stand out, look fabulous and represent the brand, but the logos form the base and build an ongoing brand image that can be relied on in the future.

You’re In Love! Now What?

Once you’ve fallen head over heels in love with a design, simply let the designer know if there are any changes, modifications or tweaks required. On confirmation, funds are transferred to the designer, and you will receive all of the necessary files and copyrights related to the logo of your choice. As a copyright owner, you are free to use the logo on whatever you choose, whether it’s letterhead, a t-shirt, advertising, promotional products or a website.

Let’s Review

Crowdsourcing allows proprietors and project managers, like yourself, to browse dozens of designs within days for no charge. You pay for only the design of your choice. If you don’t like any of the designs, most crowdsourcing platforms offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you pay nothing. It’s a completely risk-free way for you to explore your options.

That’s why crowdsourcing is an easy and cost-effective way to create a brand image for your company, product or event.