Blue and Orange from
Blue and Orange from

When Glasgow installed blue street lights in public areas, police recorded a noticeable decrease in crime in areas illuminated by blue light. Think color motivates behavior?

Of course it does, which is why marketers and designers spend a lot of time determine the perfect color for brands and marketing materials. Two of the most popular colors for branding and businesses are blue and orange. Let’s compare the two to see how they stack up.

Blue Meaning

Blue is a cool, calming color that symbolizes confidence and quality.

The vast majority of people respond favorably to blue hues, which is why blue is a color often employed by large corporations and hospitals. People instinctively trust the color blue, which is why it’s a powerful color for branding and marketing.

Orange Meaning

Orange is a lively, fast and fun color.

It represents excitement and energy, which is why it’s often associated with cutting-edge and new-age companies.

Orange is attention-getting and noteworthy: the number of companies that employ orange in their branding pales compared to the number that employ blue, so orange can also be a powerful branding tool.

Blue vs. Orange

If you’re trying to decide between using blue or orange, consider the following factors:

  • What image do you want your company to have?
  • What do your competitors use?
  • How will your selected color fit with your existing design elements?
  • What other colors will you be employing?
  • What is the purpose of a given campaign?

You want to select a color that matches your company image perfectly, and you don’t want to look like your competitors. If you have existing design elements, your selected color needs to fit in.

If you know you’ll have a second color, determine those color candidates and see how they work with orange and blue. Finally, determine the purpose of your design.

Will your selected color help you motivate response?

Blue might be the most popular color, but in many cases I think companies should strongly consider orange because it will help differentiate you from the competition.

That being said, there is an even better option …

Blue AND Orange

Blue and orange have their own merits, but in tandem they can achieve an aesthetic that would be impossible alone.

Blue hues lends themselves to confidence and trust, and orange can inject a sense of energy and excitement into any design.

Balance the two out in your designs, or use one or the other as complementary colors in logos, headlines and web buttons.

When you pair blue and orange, you can craft a compelling design that will help you earn customer trust and motivate immediate action.

There’s a good reason why the blue-orange color combination is one Rich Gorman’s list of best direct response color combinations.

What Colors do Orange and Blue Make in Painting?

When orange and blue (complementary colors on the color wheel) are mixed in painting, they typically produce a shade of brown or a muted color.

This brownish hue results from the neutralization that occurs when these opposing colors are combined.

The exact shade of brown created depends on the specific tones and proportions of orange and blue used in the mix.

Is Mixing Blue and Orange a Good Color Combination?

In various artistic and design contexts, blue and orange can be an excellent color combination.

In paintings, using these colors side by side, without mixing, can create a striking and dynamic contrast. This is due to their complementary nature, which tends to enhance each color’s vibrancy when juxtaposed.

This combination is particularly effective in artworks that aim to evoke intense emotions or highlight specific elements.

In design applications, this mix is utilized for its visually appealing and attention-grabbing qualities.

The effectiveness of this combination in design relies on the careful selection of shades and proportions. Bright orange paired with deep blue can yield a bold and energetic aesthetic, while softer shades might produce a more subdued and harmonious look.

The key to success with these colors in design is achieving a balance that supports the intended mood and message of the project.

Do Orange and Blue Work Well Together in Designs?

Orange and blue, as complementary colors, can work exceptionally well together in various design contexts.

Their contrasting nature makes them a popular choice in fields like graphic design, advertising, interior design, and fashion, where they can be used to create eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing visuals.

The effectiveness of this color combination in designs hinges on the chosen shades and proportions.

A vibrant orange juxtaposed with a deep blue can establish an energetic and striking appearance, while softer hues of these colors can create a more subtle and harmonious effect.

The successful use of orange and blue in designs often involves striking a balance that complements the overall theme and purpose of the design.

The Wrap Up

Give the blue-orange color combination a try.

Beauty is subjective, certainly, but when you understand the science behind color theory you can craft more compelling designs than ever before.

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