Cadbury Silk, the premium Cadbury version by Mondelez International owned Cadbury India, has been on an active engagement spree with the Silkaholics in the country, for the launch of its new Treat for Two offer. With every large bar of Cadbury Silk, Silkaholics can avail two free cups of coffee at any Café Coffee Day outlet nationwide.

Taking this offer to the digital audience and also making it a fun one for the community, the chocolate brand created an interactive campaign called #SilkUp in partnership with Grey Social. Set out in two phases, the interactive activity got Silkaholics to join #SilkUp on the Cadbury Silk Facebook and Twitter pages and be a part of online coffee conversions with celebrities. The campaign also created personalized video invites for them.

In a live webcast featuring celebrity protagonists – VJ Ramona, Ashwin Mushran, Kaneez Surka and Varun Thakur as they caught up over Cadbury Silk and the free coffees, the brand invited its social community to participate too.

Silk’s Twitter and Facebook fan base could tune in to the webcast and tweet their topics of discussion in real time. These tweets were read out on air and quickly became the fodder for some hilarious chats among the four celebrities. You can see the tweets pulled up from #SilkUp.

The first phase saw Silkaholics steer the celebrity conversations with their tweets in real time, while in the second phase of #SilkUp, they could get the four celebrities enact a personalized video invite for them. Silkaholics had to tweet a quirky reason to take a friend out for coffee and the funny four would make a personalized video invite, in almost real-time, for the person tagged on the post.

Tweets poured in, while the videos were being created for some of the quirky ones. The brand’s Twitter handle has shared the personalized videos with each of the Twitter users it was made for, along with a personalized message.

Here’s a personalized coffee invite by the funny four as shared in the tweet. Interestingly, all videos feature the tweets they are based on, and can be watched on the playlist at the brand’s YouTube channel.

Memorable engagement

The #SilkUp campaign has sure managed to create a memorable engagement with the Silk community, apart from driving the digital promotions of Silk’s ‘Treat for Two’. Indulging in live conversations around coffee driven by user tweets in real time had set the stage for the coffee association, which was then beautifully followed up with the personalized video invites.

While Silkaholics got the opportunity to be a part of the virtual conversations, they also received a personalized digital gratification, something they could own and share with their social connections. Co-creation campaigns like these help create meaningful communication with the fans as well as make them feel important.

This Valentine, for the promotions of its limited edition Valentine pack, Cadbury Silk had created personalized doodles for tweets that spoke about first love. It is good to know the chocolate brand sees value in co-creating with consumers using the right social media platforms.