Do you own a business? Then you own a brand!

In today’s world brand awareness is incredibly important because advertising is everywhere and everyone has all the information they need at their fingertips. Your business absolutely must have something that sets it apart, something that is unique and refreshing. That is your brand. So how do you control that brand and put its best foot forward?

First: Understanding what a brand is.

According to Al Ries, the Father of Branding, “a successful branding program is based on the concept of singularity. It creates in the mind of the prospect the perception that there is no product on the market quite like your product.”

In a way, it’s how a random customer thinks of you or your business. It is what stands out in their mind when they think of you. Your unique trademark, your stamp, attributes and services your business offers.

Your brand is the way your business looks, feels and acts – the way it presents to the user/customer/client. It is how people experience your company, and what you deliver to them.

A big mistake that business owners make is feeling that brand awareness is only relevant to big business. That is simply not true.

Every business, no matter it’s size, type or success has a brand. And that brand needs to be cultivated and crafted to present its best face to the customer.

With that in mind, how do you build a brand? There are a few questions to ask of yourself as you try to build a brand:

– What are the benefits of dealing with your business?

– What unique or special goods and services does your business offer?

– Why does the client want to use your business?

– What style does your brand have?

– What are your brand values?

Taking the time to answer these questions will help you deliver the best possible brand to your customers. Taking the time to figure out your brand will greatly benefit your business.

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