When it comes to building a personal brand we know it is important for a solo entrepreneur or company. But this concept also applies to those seeking new jobs and opportunities. Here is a fresh perspective on how to see yourself as your own ‘CEO’ with several ways to build a memorable brand.

A stellar personal reputation is more important than ever in today’s online world. You are your greatest asset, and how an individual is viewed both online and offline can make or break a career. The foundational qualities for success will always include integrity, job performance, teamwork, and offering value to a company. Personal branding builds on what is already established, and showcases these skills to a potential employer in the very best way.

How exactly does this work? Through your marketing, image and perception. It is a combination of your experience and skills along with personal recommendations communicated in a clear and concise message that is quick and easy to understand.

The individual who projects a phony persona will always be passed over, as creating a personal brand is all about transparency and reputation. A smart marketer knows how to showcase their strengths, and also conveys intelligent ways to fulfill a need(s) for their potential clients. This is no different for an individual seeking employment.

How to be your own CEO

There are several steps you can take to build a personal brand that will increase opportunities in your field of expertise:

Make a non-biased personal assessment – How would an employer perceive you? Analyze objectively what this might look like from their perspective rather than your own.

Establish core values – Determine how your beliefs and attitudes line up with your professional achievements to learn what stands out.

Create a personal marketing message – Just like a company or brand’s mission statement, create something that is unique to your personal brand that highlights your talents, experience, and achievements.

Make a personal statement – What is your philosophy and how has this been carried out through your career? Point out the goals you would like to achieve for the future.

Taking the time to build your personal brand will not only create a more focused and clear perception of your skills to prospective employers, it will also help you stand out from the rest and get noticed by professionals in your field of work.

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