We all love birthdays, don’t we? But how many brands have you seen celebrating their birthday like we do? At least, I have not seen any brand doing it the way Oreo did on social media. Oreo, which is undoubtedly the world’s favourite cookie, turned 101 on the 6th of March. Even though the brand went on to become a year older, it was still young at heart and witty on social media. The moment was not only a remarkable one for Oreo but it was also quite opportune for other brands who basked in the glory of Oreo’s social media success.

Brands wishing Oreo on Twitter

Brands like USA Today, Intel, CrumsBakeShop and more joined the party to wish Oreo on turning 101. The birthday wishes started flowing for Oreo on Twitter where it has more than 78K followers. Oreo made sure that it not only acknowledged the wishes but the replies had a distinctive touch of Oreo too. Click the slides below to enjoy some of the wittiest replies that will make you laugh and if you are a brand/social media practitioner, then there are vital takeaways for you.

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Oreo Cookie Celebrates 101st Birthday!

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Happy 101st Birthday to the @Oreo Cookie! Retweet this If you Love Oreo Cookies!FashionweekNYC

.@FashionweekNYC Thx! What can we say- even at 101 years young, we’re still in style.Oreo Cookie

Happy 101st birthday, @Oreo. You are as delicious as ever. http://pic.twitter.com/OzZGZHZ0P2USA TODAY

Thanks! Now pass the milk & let’s get dunking. RT @usatoday: Happy 101st birthday, @Oreo. You are as delicious as ever….Oreo Cookie

To another brand who appreciates what’s inside. #HappyBirthday @Oreo. http://pic.twitter.com/uGDsnN1Mv0Intel

.@intel Thanks! You’re this cookie’s favorite chip. http://pic.twitter.com/ynkqxeXiUzOreo Cookie

Happy Birthday @Oreo You’re just as hot double stuffed as you were the day we met you.Cinnabon

@Cinnabon WHOA! Thanks. You just made us blush. *whispers* Shh…don’t tell milk. ;) Oreo Cookie

Today marks the 101st birthday of the Oreo Cookie! How do you eat your Cookies and Cream cupcake? Frosting First? http://pic.twitter.com/hyXkW2EhesCrumbs

.@CrumbsBakeShop Thanks! #feelingthelove We ask – how do you like to enjoy an Oreo, cookie or creme first?Oreo Cookie

Oreo India celebrates on Facebook

Oreo India, which also has a presence on Facebook and Twitter celebrated the milestone. With more than 2.2M fan following on Facebook, the efforts were all on Facebook. The page managers shared few appealing visuals which got a good amount of fans’ love. The below screen grab shows one such content that was shared on Facebook. The content was shared by more than 170 people and had more than 136 people talking.


However on Twitter, Oreo India lacked the charm like the parent Oreo on Facebook. The Oreo India Twitter account which has been inactive for a while now, received a birthday message from History TV18 but it missed out on this wonderful chance to make its presence felt on Twitter. Oreo India simply lacked the wit of the parent Oreo on Twitter. Additionally, I believe that loads of brands – Indian as well as International ones missed out on the opportunity of not only wishing another brand but also telling the world that there are humans behind the logo.

Should brands stay away from interacting with other brands?

What do you think – should brands wish other brands or should they keep on blowing their own trumpet on social media? Social media is all about being human so if we wish others on birthdays and occasions of celebrations, then why can’t even brands do so?

In addition to wishing, brands like Intel, USA Today, etc. made sure to have the social experiences felt in their communication. And the same was seen from Oreo on Twitter. This healthy exchange of notes on a medium like Twitter helps lift these brands, but above that they are setting an example before the fans. Positive acts like this create moments of pride for the existing fans as well as create an appeal for new fans to join the community.

With social media still maturing in India and all over the world, I can only wish for such communication to happen more. Don’t we want to be called as a social brand?

By the way Oreo – Belated Happy 101st Birthday!

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