Sports Authority grabbed the gold on the Retail Social Juice Index’s Big Movers This Week. It’s no surprise that with the hype of the quadrennial Summer Olympic Games, brands would capitalize on the buzz and, thus, score high on the Index with this strategy. Following the U.S. Gymnastics Team’s first overall team victory since 1996, the brand shared a congratulatory message with a photo of the “Fab 5.” The audience? Perfect. The message? Headline-worthy. The engagement? Outstanding. Nearly 80,000 fans joined the retailer in congratulating the team by liking the post and helping Sports Authority earn a 779 point boost on this week’s RSJI! The brand snagged another spot on the Index with a dip after it was unable to keep up the extremely heightened engagement from the post. However, with a photo of gold medal All- Around champ Gabby Douglas, the brand was able to still maintain the second highest score of the week with 530 points!

Similarly, Shari’s Berries scored yet another spot on the Big Movers This Week with a sports-themed post. Major League Baseball season is in full swing and Shari’s Berries capitalized with a photo of strawberries decorated like baseballs. It wasn’t the first time the brand shared the image, but, possibly thanks to the world’s athletic spirit due to the Olympic Games, the image garnered 2.5 times the engagement of the original post back in June!

Another sporting equipment retailer reeled in a top spot on this week’s Index. Bass Pro Shops shared an image of what its likers know and love well – a day on the lake. With an enchanting shot of a fishing boat on the water with a simple message asking, “who wishes they were here?” the brand earned nearly 67,000 likes along with thousands of shares and comments. What better season than the summer and what better time than the middle of the week to inspire a trip to Bass Pro Shops to get fishermen hyped up for a much desired fishing outing?

ProFlowers was the only Big Mover This Week that didn’t rely on any time of sporting inspired Facebook action, though not for lack of an attempt! Four days prior to its top post of the week, the brand shared an Olympic Victory Bouquet. The post was responded to positively, but not with the enthusiasm that the post on 7/31 received. Instead, fans were really excited about an image of an “extremely rare” plant that the floral retailer featured on its Timeline. The Monkey Orchid earned almost 10,000 likes and two-thirds as many shares. It’s clear that the ProFlowers audience prefers botany to baseball and flowers to fishing!

These brands weren’t the only top-ranking retailers to score big with Olympic- themed posts! Petco, Cheaper Than Dirt, and DSW all used the same tactics successfully. See how your brand can rank at the top of the RSJI by contacting us!