ADT recently hired Arnold Worldwide as its new lead creative agency, and ADT’s Tony Wells believes that Arnold will help ADT overcome one of the key challenges for the business—and all businesses—today: stay relevant in one’s industry. The home security industry has become overcrowded by telecommunications and cable companies, and ADT has to change quickly to adapt to the emergence of this competition as a result.

ADT is proud of its ADT Pulse product, which allows you to control your home and home security on the go directly from your computer or mobile device. This technology allows them to remain competitive and stay on top of some of the latest technologies, but how else might ADT and other businesses be able to stay relevant in these endlessly changing times?

Keep Up with Technology and Stay Innovative

When the Internet first came out, did you vie to have one of the first websites in your industry or at least in your community? When the social media craze began about a decade ago, did you immediately start thinking about how this technology could be applied to your business? If not, that could be a good place to start.

Technology is growing and changing at an exponential pace, and though it can be dizzying at times, it is important to stay on top of the latest technologies. This means not only knowing what they are but knowing how they can be applied to your business. With the help of the Internet and countless blogs and news sites, it’s easier than ever to get all of the information you need to stay technologically relevant.

Ask Questions

Don’t ever assume you know exactly what the average consumer or even your particular customer wants or needs, particularly when those wants and needs can change by the day. Instead of throwing out strategies that you think would help your customers, why not ask your customers what they need? Research groups, social media, blog posts, and online polls are all great ways to connect personally with your customers to find out their exact wants and needs and then deliver them. Plus, your customers will appreciate the personal interaction they have with your brand and remember that interaction when it comes time to make a purchase.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reposition

As your industry and customers change, so too should you change with them. This may not mean overhauling your core message and values, but it may take the form of new distribution channels, a new line of products, or a different perspective taken for marketing and social media efforts, for example. If you have enough substance and credibility in your business as is, then changing some of your internal operations or outward facing initiatives shouldn’t end up having too much of an effect on your bottom line, except hopefully for the better.

You and your business should always on the hunt for how to stay relevant in ever-changing times. Try these and other innovative strategies to figure out how to adapt and even improve as your industry grows and changes.