We all get excited and nervous when we hear about a new social media tool or tech-based tool.    Do I need that one? Should I start using this tool?  How will I use that tool?  The question you should be asking yourself is “Does my audience use these tools?”  If you answered yes, then you definitely need that tool in your marketing tool box.  If you answered no, you may not need it right away, but you shouldn’t count it out just yet.  It may be the one area you can use to beat out your competition.  Be creative whatever your decision.  But above all else, remember the primary reason that tool was developed and keep your content and offerings in the same context.  

When deciding on how you want to communicate to your audience, ask yourself, “How do they want to hear from me?”  There are statistics showing which medium each generation and or gender prefers to use.  That should be your guiding baseline.  Here is an example of Facebook stats .  Once you decide on a method, stick with it.  Frequency is a must.  Just like exercise, if you want to see results, you need to keep doing it.  Just when you are tired of hearing it, your audience is just starting to listen.  Be patient, be dedicated and be pro-active.

Author: Karen Pryor – President of Pryor2 Marketing.  She is an award winning and creative problem solver with more than 10 years experience of high level project and client management, including initiating, developing and presenting campaigns which help national and international clients reach goals that are essential to the company’s growth.