We are all excited to tell people about our business, what we do, how it works and the benefits of using our products or services.  But it’s equally important to choose the proper words.  Speak the language of your audience and not the language of your industry.  We tend to speak in industry terms when explaining what we do or have to offer.  Start to focus on words that your audience can relate to –  words that they understand and can identify with in relation to their own needs. 

Try to avoid tossing out industry terms that require an explanation. We only have a few minutes to grab their attention.  Be audience specific and solution oriented, using words that they speak every day.  Instead of trying to dazzle them with your vocabulary, impress them with your ability to solve their problems.

You want to speak to them, not at them.  And remember, each marketing vehicle will determine the appropriate content.  If you absolutely have to speak in “terms”, try driving them to your web site for a more in-depth understanding or invite them to pick up the phone and talk to a representative. 

Remember, first impressions need to be quick and the trick is to hold their attention long enough to get them to understand what you can provide for them.  Then, of course, how do you stay in front of them once you have their attention?  More on that later. 

Author: Karen Pryor – President of Pryor2 Marketing.  She is an award winning and creative problem solver with more than 10 years experience of high level project and client management, including initiating, developing and presenting campaigns which help national and international clients reach goals that are essential to the company’s growth.