"Take Away My Ice Cream" is one of the best Branding Strategy Today.

“Take Away My Ice Cream” is one of the Most Powerful Branding Strategies of Today.

This is one of the craziest, simplest and yet the most effective strategies for branding your company. I called it, the “Take My Ice Cream Away” concept.

First let’s imagine that you, your brand and your company is the ice-cream seller and your customer is the little girl on the street.

The Wrong Method…

Well, what most marketers and brand managers will do is to keep on persuading and pestering that little girl to eat their ice cream.  Even if you give the ice cream to the little girl for FREE, she will still feel reluctant to eat it. Even if she did eat the ice-cream, she will blame you if she ever gets a stomachache. Sometimes, you may think you can coerce the little girl to eat your ice cream, if you offer more perks, such as more flavors, new toppings, free toys and such. Think again. Sometimes, you may even go the extra mile in offering “ice cream back guarantee” to the little girl and hope she will take your ice cream.

"Discounts", "Money-Back Guarantee", "Sale" Are Taboo Words of Marketing Today.“Discounts”, “Money-Back Guarantee”, “Sale” Are Taboo Words of Marketing Today.

Sad to say, no matter how hard you try, the little girl will still not think that your ice cream is the best.

This is another marketing suicide strategy that probably 9 out of 10 marketers are still committing today.

Everyone knows where to get their targeted prospects audience and they will put up MASSIVE marketing and branding campaigns to “stir” up the interest of their potential customers. They will advertise heavily on TV about the MASSIVE year end discounts for their products. They will give away expensive FREE gifts for new customers who buy their products. They will tell their potential prospects that their offer is so too good to be true that they cannot MISS the opportunity; they always have a MONEY-BACK Guarantee.

Big Woo-Ha Marketing Ads Are No Longer Working Anymore.”  Jacky Tan

I remember a time, when I stepped into a women’s jeans shop with my wife.

It’s Not Your Product That Sells, It’s the Story that Sells.

The moment I stepped in, the sales girl immediately said, “all items here have 50% off discounts. If you buy two, you will get additional discounts.” The sales lady thought that her marketing message might entice us to stop and buy a few clothes home. However, what we, the prospects, are thinking is, “So what’s the big deal? How come your mark-up is so high? Is it because your jeans’ qualities are cheapskate?”

Of course, we didn’t express thar to this sales lady, we just keep quiet and walk out of that shop and never think of coming back again.

Then, what is The Right Method?

You need to “take” the ice cream away from the little girl.

You eat your ice cream in front of the little girl. A person who knows that your ice cream is good, start to eat the ice cream in front of the little girl. (This is called Word of the Mouth Marketing). Your ice cream has a unique flavor sweet subtle flavor that is different from other ice cream. (This is called creating your USP). News reporter came to write about your ice cream. (This is called Public Relations).Now, the news is all over the internet. (Digital and Social Media Marketing). Ice cream lovers from all over the world are coming to patronize your ice cream. (This is called creating a Strong Branding Image worldwide).

Looking At that Line of Customers, I Think Your Brand Must be Good.

This time, that little girl has noticed it. Even though she has never eaten your ice cream before, she knows that your ice cream should be good. She approaches and asks you for some ice cream. However, you said, “Sorry out of stock.” (This is called “Take My Ice Cream Away” Method).

She does not give up. She said she will wait and will pay you more. After a few more days, the little gal comes to your shop again. This time, you told her your ice cream is all sold out. Then she come the 3rd time, the fourth time and so on.

Even if you have stock on hand, the more you tell the little girl your ice cream are all sold out, the more she will believe in your brand and want it BAD.

In short, the more you take it away, the more your customers and prospects want your brand.

The More You Take It Away, The More People Desperate For Your Brand.

In marketing, you need to position your brand in such a way that people want to have your brand. That is the reason why, some guys would want to have their own BMWs cars to reflect their status and women would love to have an LV or Gucci bag. Your prospects may not have the budgets right now, but they want to own your product someday.

This is the sweet power of my “Take My Ice Cream Away” strategy. I hope you’d like it.