These four Houses are named after the four founders of the school and each designed an insignia of their own in order to identify the characteristics of their Houses. Brave Godric Gryffindor chose the Lion. The motherly Helga Hufflepuff chose the Badger. Rowena Ravenclaw picked the cunning Eagle. And finally, Salazar Slytherin stuck to his personal favorite: the Serpent.

Each House values certain qualities that are highly regarded during the Sorting Ceremony. Every Quidditch match the students of these Houses wave their banners with its emblem in spectacular colors, supporting their team and hoping for the House Cup at the end of the school year. Even the giant hourglasses that measure their House points each carry a distinct color in the form of precious gems.

Marketing isn’t so different, not even in the B2B context. Here’s a closer look at why.

The banners and other trappings of the four Houses of Hogwarts can easily represent your own: typescripts, emblems, computer graphics, photographs, drawings, videos or other visual aids

And like the students, you want to visually deliver to the spectators what your own House values (you’re your House being your business). Just like in the books, your logos and color schemes will etch themselves into the memory of the spectator as well as provide a first impression of the company they’ll be working with.

But of course, it doesn’t just stop at visuals. One more reason why the symbols of Hogwarts took root was that characters generally reinforced what they represented.

Marketers need to innovative and unique in the presentation of their own online banners. It gives shape to the impression a customer will have once it’s been reinforced by the actual products and services they are selling. Of course, the products need to live up to what has been said about them or else the strength won’t be enough to make the impression last.

Brands aren’t just something you’d get into if you’re running commercials or ads on a news paper. It’s the power of impression (and only requires a good deal of applied force).