Before we go, let’s take a look at some brilliant examples of branding that you can learn from. Let these serve as a lesson to you that you can use as a source of inspiration as you build your own company identity.


Amazon does an awful lot right. Not only does Amazon have a great logo that clever evokes the image of a smile and of delivery, but it also knows how to feature that logo prominently on its excellent packaging. Many of us now have an almost Pavlovian reaction to seeing an Amazon package land on our doorstep!

Amazon also knows how to keep things fresh and exciting. They have pushed the boundaries of their industry with Kindle and now they’re taking even bigger leaps with their drone service. This is an exciting brand with a vision!

Coca Cola

Coca Cola really knows branding. While Coca Cola is ‘just a softdrink’ on the face of it, its marketing campaign elevates it far beyond that. Coca Cola is very prominent on nearly every form of social media and is constantly running fantastic campaigns. Their greatest feat? Changing the colorscheme of Santa’s outfit across the world!

Red Bull

Red Bull isn’t just a drink, it’s an energy drink. This is a concept that the company has taken to heart with an advertising campaign that includes sponsorship for extreme sports and athletes, as well as social media filled with some truly awesome stunts and feats.


Starbucks has had some branding slip-ups but in general manages to maintain a good reputation for its sustainable coffee. It has a strong and recognizable logo and does several things to improve the experience from the customers – from letting them preorder via the app, to calling customers by name when their coffee is ready!

Honorable mentions go to: Apple, Google, Pixar, Facebook, Pepsi Max, Nike and Adidas. Take a look at their campaigns and ask yourself what makes them work so well.

Steve Jobs’ Greatest Mistake (and how you can avoid it)

I bet you’ve never realised how much this matters to your business:

Quick question:

How do people recognise you?

This might seem like a bit of a dumb question, and in some ways, it is. One of your friends meets you in the street, they recognise you because they know what you look like. In the crowd, they know your face.

But what about online, where no-one can see you?

Online, you’re not even a face in the crowd. You’re one website or one product, in a sea of products that look just like you.

How are you going to stand out?

Let me show you.

Who’s this:


Obvious, right? The Apple logo is burned into your brain.

And people will pay a ton more for a computer, if only it’s got that symbol on it.

Do you think it’d work so well if it looked like this?

Branding - Fantastic Examples of Branding You Can Learn From

That was Steve Jobs’ first attempt, and I think he was pretty glad history had forgotten it.

When you get yourself a good logo, everyone can spot your product in a sea of imitators.

More than that, a good logo can actually shape how people think about your brand. It’s one of your key weapons in making a good first impression.

Which is why you don’t want to mess it up.