My young kids, believe it or not, introduced me to a pretty cool little iPhone application that a marketer can really love. If you love brands and brand logos (and have a smart phone) you can test your skills on this nifty little app.

Brand recognition is a highly sought after but not always easy to achieve objective. Of course you can go out and spend a bunch of market research dollars to test your target market. Or you can stand out on a street corner with a big sign with your logo on it.

And then see if people smile or frown at you.

But the truth is that brands are often known for shapes, colors, font styles and the products on which the logo adorns. For example, as a former food marketing executive, we always taught our brand teams to never mess with colors. Because in the grocery store, consumers scan the shelves until they recognize the red Coke logo or the green Healthy Choice package.

Once they get somewhat loyal to a brand, they stop reading. And start scanning for recognizable aspects of their favorite brands.

So that’s why this application is fun. It doesn’t give you a full logo. You have to recognize some aspect of the logo (color, font, shape) in order to guess correctly.

Here are 6 examples from the game:

So smarty pants . . . . can you name the brands from the six shown above? Be the first do it in the comments and you’ll be crowned the logo king. Or at least someone who cared enough to leave a comment.

If you’d like to download the game for your phone, it is called LogosQuiz by AticoD (Rated 4+). You can get to the page on iTunes by clicking their logo (of course!) below or searching the app store from your phone.

You can also see the developer’s website and follow him on Twitter @AticoD.

And now a question for all of you owners of a logo. If the color was gone, if the name was removed, if only a few letters of your word mark were visible, could your customers find you?

Let me know!

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