Though he admits he still doesn’t really know what a planner is supposed to do, Russell Davies is one of the most influential planners in the world.

He spent several years at Wieden & Kennedy (both Portland and London offices), before joining Ogilvy, where he served as head of planning for EMEA. Russell is currently head of planning at R/GA London. A frequent public speaker and well respected writer, his blog is one of the most widely read in the industry. He also writes a weekly column for Campaign Magazine and is a contributing editor for Wired UK.

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Show Notes:

Note: sound quality a bit off on this one due to negligence on the host’s part. But you can hear Russell well, which is the important part.

  • We open by discussing agency “culture” versus “habit,” and whether there even is such a thing as culture at an agency.
  • What is planning to Russell Davies? Well, no one knows what you’re supposed to be doing, for starters.
  • We discuss creativity and whether it’s even worthwhile to discuss.
  • With easier publishing comes more creativity, right? Maybe not.
  • The democratization of production tools means professional creatives will soon find out just how special they are.
  • Crowdsourcing is dumb.
  • Russell shares with us how he keeps himself inspired. It’s all about discovering new things.
  • As it relates to agencies complaining all the time, Russell says stop complaining about things you volunteered to do.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most profoundly, Russell explains his view that companies have been so obsessed with honing their marketing, they’ve forgotten how to make great products (unlike Apple).


We discuss Russell’s Wired talk, which you can see here:

Russell’s blog:

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