I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth – as I said in an earlier post, I’ll take a slice of pizza over a bar of chocolate any day. That being said, I’m certainly not opposed to chocolate. During my pregnancies, there were a couple of times where I had to have a hot chocolate lava cake made with Ghirardelli dark chocolate. And apparently, I’m not the only female (pregnant or otherwise) who loves a little chocolate every now and then – the sweet treat was #4 on our top ten list of What Women Want. It didn’t end up on the men’s list, but curiosity got the best of me so I delved into their chocolate preferences as well. I was surprised by several insights right off the bat: when I think chocolate, I think fancy Godvia or Ghirardelli – but these brands represented more of the ”candy bar” market: M&Ms, Hershey’s, Smarties, etc. And am I the only one surprised by Nestle’s low position? Check out the charts below.

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

Though in the past, men and women have had the same buzz winner for everything from coffee to bacon, this time, men and women couldn’t have been more different. The women’s chart reflected 28% of the overall chatter for buzz winner, Italian-born Nutella, a brand that popped up in our analysis on bacon when we found that people enjoy Nutella and bacon sandwiches. But, the chocolate-y spread had the second lowest Passion Intensity score with a 68 as well as a Net Sentiment score of 77, putting it somewhat in the middle of a bunch of loved brands. While I’m no Martha Stewart, I have to say that I have enjoyed making my own special sandwich with Nutella: my son’s favorite snack is what we have trademarked as “The Triple Nutter”. Slather a tortilla with Nutella, peanut butter and coconut, roll it up and enjoy. Can’t beat the protein and energy – and the sugar high. Verbatim surfaced from the women showed that they love the brand for making sandwiches, as well as its versatility.

nutella sandwiches are amazing. that’s actually an understatement.

Nutella is good on EVERYTHING.

Nutella is good with anything. #ChocolateAddict

loving my nutella milkshake :3.

I love nutellllla wafffles!

Meanwhile, buzz winning, British brand, Thorntons, captured 22% of the chatter for the men’s brands – I never would have guessed this one! This chocolate also captured the highest Passion Intensity score with a 71, but the second lowest Net Sentiment score, with a 43 – online consumers are passionate about the brand, but not necessarily always in a positive light. Men’s verbatim about the polarizing brand showed that while some love the hot chocolate, others feel that the chocolate is overrated and find the taste too sweet.

coffee with a teaspoon of thorntons hot chocolate is amazing. omg.

Thorntons make some of the very best, most delicious chocolate you can buy.

Thorntons hot chocolate is too sweet. #prettygutted

Thorntons has to be the most overrated chocolate going, costs a bomb in its fancy packaging and the taste just doesn’t stand up next to the cheaper mainstream stuff.

In an interesting insight, we found that Twix was in a very high position on both charts – it competed with Kit Kat for women, and lost, but beat out Reese’s on the men’s chart. As a marketer, I was so curious to see what men and women had to say about each of these brands. So, without further ado:

Most loved brand for the women went to Kit Kat, barely edging out Twix with a Net Sentiment of 80 and an extremely high Passion Intensity of 92. Female consumers raved about the brand because of its “chunky” version, which is one big Kit Kat bar, rather than 4 small ones, as well as the solid marketing by the brand.

I love kit kat chunkys. #yum

White chocolate Kit kat chunkies are the best! #getinmybelly

@megannfoley I love kit kat wrappers..

I’ve been craving Kit Kats since I ate one earlier today and that ad did not help. #marketing #breakmeoffapiece #kitkat #commercial

@leshall07 the one food ad that never fails to make me crave is kit kat. They really do make that sound when you break them apart!

Twix had solid metrics with a Passion Intensity of 88 and a Net Sentiment of 81 on the women’s chart, and verbatim showed that women love the chocolate bar for breakfast and for comfort.

Yes I did just eat a king size twix bar for breakfast. #fatkidproblems #addiction

If morning breakfast be twix, then the day is perfect… :)

Twix candybars are the best comfort food ever haha(:.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a twix bar solves everything…

And for the men? Twix emerged as King of the chocolate bars, with a Passion Intensity of 68 and a Net Sentiment of 77. Verbatim showed that men feel this way due to the great commercials from the brand and the expression that a Twix is simply the best.

@iancollinsuk A Twix a day helps you work, rest and play.

Twix has the greatest commercials.

I’m currently buying a twix bar solely because of their hilarious commercials

Twix are the best chocolate bar #sogood

Twix is honestly the best chocolate bar.

Reese’s was close behind with a Net Sentiment of 79 and a Passion Intensity of 65 – and verbatim showed that if the brand continues to innovate with their new product offerings, they may be on top shortly. Men raved about the newest addition to the Reese’s family, Minis, as well as the Pieces.

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Reeses minis rock my world!! Best of this decade!

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Reeses pieces are my all time favorite candy.

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So which one is your sweet tooth fix? Let me know below!