I have been a coffee enthusiast for years and combining that with my love of travel has led me to some truly delicious brews: Turkish coffee in Turkey, a dark and sweet roast in Greece, a macchiato in Italy and a creamy café au lait in France. The hardest part of being pregnant with my kids was going off caffeine for six straight years, so I had to become a devout decaf drinker instead. When I was still a New Yorker, nothing was better than a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on the run, but now that I’m a Californian, I am what is known as a “Peetnic”. With this coffee addiction, decaf or otherwise, I was excited to take a look at men and women’s take on their favorite coffee brands in this installment of the What Women Want series. In the study, men and women had a drink in common; for men #4 was beer and for women, coffee was #7. Even though it was not on both top 10 lists, we still looked at the top 10 coffee brands both men and women most discuss in social media.

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

Yet again, men and women agreed on the buzz winner, Starbucks – and I don’t think anyone is surprised by this, though I must comment that I can’t stand their weak coffee. Nevertheless, Starbucks generated 89% of the overall chatter for the women’s chart, and an 87% share of buzz on the men’s chart. And for both, the remaining metrics of Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity landed Starbucks in a somewhat middle-of-the-road position. For women, Starbucks had a Net Sentiment of 77 with a Passion Intensity of 66, while the metrics for men reflected a Net Sentiment of 67 and a Passion Intensity of 67. Though there are seemingly Starbucks on every single corner, it turns out that when it comes to the brands men and women love, they want even more convenience: the in-home, one-button coffee machine Keurig ran away with love from both genders. With a perfect Passion Intensity score of 100 and a Net Sentiment of 88 for women and another perfect Passion Intensity score of 100 and a Net Sentiment of 82 for men, the coffee brand has online consumers raving. And as a former devotee, I had to wonder why Dunkin’ Donuts landed where it did – so I dug into the data in the NetBase Insight Composer to see what men and women were actually saying about each of these brands in social media.

My time in the platform revealed that women can’t stop frequenting Starbucks because of its overall ambiance, lending itself to great chats and dates, as well as the seasonal drinks (instead of a date). Men can’t get enough of the “treat receipts” that offer consumers discounts after 2 pm, as well as the social-media-friendly smart phone app and the free Wi-Fi.

Women on Starbucks:

Starbucks dates are the best!

@lysetteiannucci OH MY GOSH YES! Starbucks date sounds wonderful! Iets plan it soon!!!

The Peppermint mocha from starbucks is better than sex.

Craving a peppermint mocha from Starbucks. I may have to break down and get one I’m the morning. #dietsplurge

I’m addicted to Starbucks white chocolate mocha. #sogood

Men on Starbucks:

Starbucks treat receipts are back!!!

I returned from lunch with Susie Hume to find that some angel had left me the greatest gift of all: two Starbucks treat receipts.

This Starbucks app is dope. I just loaded all my old gift cards that had like $1 left on them and it consolidated them. Now I have $20.

Idk if I’ve said this before, but I’ve been using the @Starbucks mobile app to pay for my coffee. So. Freaking. Cool!

Verbatim surfaced about Keurig showed that women praise it for being an incredible invention and also love the consistently reliable customer service from the brand.

Keurig coffee machines are by far the best invention ever! #amusthave

My Keurig is still my favorite invention. #sorrystarbucks

Just so you know – @keurig has the BEST customer service ever. New replacement brewer being shipped out today! #keurig

I just had the best customer service from @Keurig. Top notch, guys.

Men, on the other hand, commented on how much they love the ease and convenience of the coffee machine, which they also label as a great investment.

Jesus. This Keurig makes life so much easier.

Keurig makes my start of my day so much easier.

I love my Keurig! Best invention ever!

I love my Keurig… Great bday gift from the rents.

And, what about that Dunkin’ Donuts mystery? For women, it seems as though they have been disappointed, not only by the coffee itself, but also the service in store.

I am consistenly dissapointed by Dunkin Donuts coffee.

I am at Dunkin Donuts getting the worst service.

Disappointed with my iced coffee today. Dunkin Donuts has let me down.

Verbatim surfaced from men indicated that they find the coffee brand overrated, and in a very interesting insight that, as a marketer, raises huge red flags to me, feel as though the brand is losing its brand over time.

I cannot be the only person who knows Dunkin Donuts is overrated.

Dunkin Donuts makes…well, they have ice cream stores attached to them now. They make all kinds of garbage. Check out the front page of their website. They lost their brand.

I am really starting to have a problem with Dunkin Donuts….they are perfectly happy to sell gift cards, but when it comes to redeeming them “our machine is down”.

So who do you rely on to wake you up in the AM? Let me know in the comments!