Throughout the course of this What Women Want series of BPIs, I’ve encountered several topics where I’ve had little (or nothing) to say on the topic – might I remind you of the time we covered bacon? So, FINALLY, a topic – and a food – that I could write about all day: sushi! I’ve dined on sushi everywhere from the fabulous Nobu in UK to my favorite mom-and-pop spot, Ganko Sushi in San Carlos. From the looks of our BPIs this week, I’m in good company: women ranked sushi as #9 on their top ten list of What Women Want compared to men’s #9 of chicken . Just like with last time’s chocolate analysis, it didn’t make the men’s list, but I decided to delve into their social media musings anyways. See what both genders had to say:

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

Check out how clustered the men’s bubbles are compared to the women’s! Right off the bat, I was shocked by how much more passionate the men were than the women – especially since sushi didn’t even end up on their top ten list! And, once again, men and women shared the same buzz winner, with the honor going to Benihana. The fun restaurant chain generated 36% of the women’s overall chatter and 39% of the men’s overall chatter. With a Net Sentiment of 83 and Passion Intensity of 62 from the women and a Net Sentiment of 76 and a Passion Intensity of 70 from the men, Benihana was a clear favorite, drawing enthusisam from women for its family-friendly atmosphere and yummy sushi, while men raved about the quality of the food as well as the overall restaurant experience.

Women on Benihana:

Dinner at Benihana’s was great with my little family.

Benihana’s was great with the cousins (:.

I want some of that spicy, crunchy sushi from Benihanas right now.

I want some SUSHI from BENIHANA! right now please!!!!

Men on Benihana:

Benihana sushi was freakin delicious tonight, am i right. @leiahemmerth

The best sushi is Benihana sushi. ✌.

@Benihana__ I love Benihana’s because it’s always an experience & on my birthday, the free food tastes better!

Just got home from first Benihana experience. Wow. Too much fun. Good food. Definitely worth the price.

The love winner for women was one of my own favorites, Nobu; which for me but was edged out by Sushi Rock for males by only a grain of rice. Nobu generated 13% of the overall chatter for women and captured a Passion Intensity of 89 alongside a Net Sentiment of 87. Female online consumers gushed about the delicious food, using rich, descriptive words to describe their experience – as an English major and a Nobu fanatic, I loved reading these!

Just had the most amazing food experience at Nobu @ATLANTIS tonight.

Nobu was amazing! Best sushi to date. Never, ever let’s me down. Love you Malibu;).

NOBU’s restaurants serve the BEST sushi I’ve ever had!

RT @dankanter: Yellowtail jalepeno at Nobu is the bomb! RT @ChloeGMoretz: I lovee #Nobu :) best sushi eva.

Visiting chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s resto is the best culinary adventure so far

Meanwhile, on the men’s side of things, Sushi Rock edged out Nobu with a Net Sentiment of 83 and a Passion Intensity of 75. Verbatim surfaced about the sushi chain showed that men love the place not only for its delicious sushi options, but also the overall, fun atmosphere.

I really love the Sushi here! (@ Sushi Rock)

Looking forward to next Tuesday night at Sushi Rock, love that place.

Ridiculously good sushi and fun with the team last night. Sushi Rock is a new fav.

What’s your sushi go-to? Any favorites in the Valley? I’m always looking for a new place to try!