What type of marketer are you really? Are you a brand maker or a brand keeper? Is there a difference? Before going any further, I would like to point out that there is no shame in being one or the other – Brand and business need both.

In the era of personal branding, it is becoming vastly important to define yourself within your profession so that you and your brand can achieve success. At the same time, there is no gain in not being truthful about the qualities you have.

Defining these two types of marketers is probably the best way to distinguish their differences. A brand maker is involved with key decisions that involve the destiny of a brand or business. Whereas, a brand keeper holds to the path of the brand as it has been determined by others. Also, a brand maker takes risks, albeit calculated and educated risks, but risks all the same. A brand keeper is ofter risk adverse. A brand maker relies on intuition coupled with the information they have through all other channels. They can “see” the next curve and aren’t unafraid to go up to bat and fight for the direction that the brand needs to go in.

In reality, a brand existence needs both to grow and flourish. In my view, whether you’re a brand maker or brand keeper is subject to the market environment. Due to globalization, it’s a market reality many marketers are faced with today. However, regardless of why, the truth of it still applies.

I read a statement from Beloved Brands, taken from a slide presentation about Personal Branding for Leaders. The author, Graham Robertson, eloquently and succinctly stated, “With less control over the pure direction of a business or brand, marketing becomes a bit more of a do-er support function who explains what has already been done by the brand, rather than a strategic marketer who leads the business.”

As markets are merging, and the world is getting smaller, so is the business world. The advent of technology has facilitated the ease of viewing information and content internationally. Like all situations in business, it’s a matter of opportunity. There does still exist opportunities to shape business and brands wherever you are. So essentially it’s a matter of if you are willing to take that opportunity and run with it. You decide.