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To continue the Original Ginger series of articles on Brand (Brand Personality, Brand Identity, Brand Recognition) and Logo Design we wanted to share our Top 20 favourite picks for current Commercials we think are inspiring and that represent their brand well. The success of these commercials lies in the fact that they tell a story, evoke an emotion and are compelling to watch. This is where script, voiceover, music, masterful editing and high definition quality come into play.

So listed below, in no particular order, are OG’s current day commercial favourites.

No 1 Old Spice

This one is a compilation of a variety of Old Spice commercials from 2011 and 2012. We couldn’t pin it down to just one Old Spice commercial. These commercials were so successful that even Sesame Street did a parody.

No 2 Heineken

This commercial is age sensitive due to the fact they are promoting alcohol so you may be asked to sign into YouTube to view it. It is otherwise pretty much G (General) rated.

No 3 Dove Movement for Self Esteem

These commercials are about the Dove Movement for Self Esteem as it relates to the sales of Dove products. Self Esteem for women is part of the brand message and brand culture. Dove wants you to know that buying their products contributes to the well being of your community. We think it’s pretty powerful stuff. As a result of this commercial, Dove is more likely to have strong brand loyalty.

No 4 Dos Equis Beer

With these commercials the actor becomes instantly recognizable for the brand PLUS the tagline has gained traction as well, “Stay Thirsty, my friends”.

No 5 Duracell

The brand tagline is “Trust Your Power”. With their larger budget, the Duracell brand has the luxury of inviting a celebrity to represent their brand in commercial advertisements. This carries a lot of weight when people make buying decisions; it also makes the product that much more memorable.

No 6 Gilette

This commercial goes all out – yep sexy sells. Yes, it certainly does when you’ve got Adrien Brody, Gale Garcia Bernal, Andre 3000 and a few super models in your commercial. There’s something in it for everyone. Add an edgy soundtrack and you’ve got a winner — well, we think so.

No 7 Nolan’s Cheddar

It’s all about the music. At first, you think that the commercial is a bit harsh but get ready for some great humour and use of soundtrack. Humour — one of the best ways to share your brand.

No 8 Ford Mustang

Once again, the use of humour — makes for a memorable commercial. Besides, who doesn’t have a little rebel inside of themselves?!

No 9 Axe

Time and time again Axe makes the most humourous commercials — commercials that beg to be shared on social media. Who doesn’t like a good laugh? The more their commercials are shared, the more brand awareness and recognition is created.

No 10 Budweiser

This one tugs at the heart strings, which is what makes it such a great commercial. Adding an appropriate audio track also creates the mood.

No 11 Geico

Maxwell the Piggy was so successful in his acting debut that he’s been used in a few commercials since. The Geico Gecko and the Antelopes with Night Vision are also great commercials (not shown here).

No 12 Valspar Paint

These guys sort of took a page from Telus with their lizard emcees; but, we’ll forgive the lack of originality given that the commercials are presented in a quality way. Besides, they did put their own spin on the concept.

No 13 Telus

It’s all about the music and the video editing. Did we mention how epic the music is to the success of this commercial….. well done!

No 14 ADL (Anti Defamation League)

The brand culture of this organization is a weighty topic all on it’s own. We think that the producers of this commercial really hit the mark with a combination of appropriate lighting, soundtrack and high quality video production and editing.

No 15 Tim Horton’s

No true Canadian could leave Tim Horton’s commercials off of the list. This commercial in particular captures the richness of Canadian heritage for both our “love of hockey” and the many immigrants who have forged a life here in Canada.

No 16 Got Milk?

What list would be complete without one of the commercials from these guys…. of course, having the budget to include a celebrity like “The Rock” makes it even better.

No 17 Dodge Ram Trucks

This commercial is more like a short movie. Unbelievable quality with a simple brand message — be proud if you drive a Dodge Ram Truck.

No 18 Hyundai Sante Fe Car

We’re not quite sure how you tie a car commercial in with anti-bullying but these guys pulled it off. Great commercial.

No 19 Vespa

Here’s how Vespa shows that they are always true to their brand. At the same time the commercial has appeal to their fashionable and trendy audience — the people most likely to purchase their product.

No 20 Apple Computer

This list would not be complete without the iconic 1984 Apple Computer commercial. Directed by Ridley Scott it was nationally aired on television during the 3rd quarter of the 1984 Super Bowl football game. The message — that Apple would revolutionize the world and release us all from stagnant creativity; inspiration for the concept was taken from George Orwell’s novel by the same name, 1984.

BONUS 2013 Toyota RAV4

We needed to round off our list with at least one video that had some four legged friends in it. We think this commercial is memorable with all of the necessary elements for a great branded commercial: humour, a fitting soundtrack (probably custom for the commercial), great video edits and the “cuteness” factor of our four legged friends.

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In the meantime, stay tuned for a future article on commercials we think best represent brand evolution.