It’s been a very tough week. Two deaths in the family over the weekend and the message is sinking in that life indeed is short and nobody can make it fantastic EXCEPT FOR ME. Fate, God, karma – spiritual and/or circumstantial impacts… some things we control and some we don’t. They all have their impact, but…

What we make of our lives, our brands and our agencies are completely up to us. We are driving this boat! And taking control of where it is headed is completely within our power.

Marketing and life have this in common. As a marketer, some things are out of your control, but most of it is the result of your own effort and focus. Whether you work with a team or on your own, you own the result of your labor.

Are you proud of it?

Some brands (and people) are fiercely full of attitude, in your face (metaphorically speaking) and grabbing attention like nobody’s business. Some quietly exist, then disappear with barely a murmur, nary a ripple – and are completely fine with that. Some have a distinct personality and life of their own, and some don’t.Fierce marketing - Phoenix, AZ

Life purpose aside (that’s a topic for one of my favorite mentors, Dr. Robyn McKay)… when it comes to a brand, STAND TALL WITH PURPOSE AND INTENT. Don’t be one of those tepid brands that doesn’t make a mark, or one of those agencies that hardly moves the needle for its clients.

Create brilliant, bold brands and campaigns that stand for something powerful, something valuable. One you are proud of that rocks the status quo in your industry, no matter what that industry is.

Sometimes it’s as simple as integrating fresh new imagery, or humanizing something impersonal and cold by wrapping in some spunk and personality. Sometimes – if you look at what you’ve created with a honest, impersonal eye – well, sometimes it just requires starting over with a total overhaul and a major infusion of fresh thinking.

What can you do right now, today, to infuse your brand with brilliance? Do your best to create something fiercely fantastic. Your clients and the bottom line will thank you.