Where is brand awareness today?
Many marketers and business executives don’t value brand awareness as much as they did a decade ago. Some say it’s a thing of the past while others insist that it’s alive and well. For those who are in the former camp, I would urge them to think again. Investors put a lot of stock (excuse the pun!) in brand awareness. In fact, it plays a significant role in determining whether or not they will support a product or company.

Brand awareness is no longer about yelling the loudest and longest. Now it’s really about breaking away from the clutter to make your brand impression count.

brand awareness

Rather than trying to convince non-believers that brand awareness really does increase ROI, the aim of this post is to carve out what the building blocks of brand awareness are in today’s multidimensional market environment.

Be different: In order to develop brand awareness you need to provide your consumer base with something to remember and want to talk about. Your brand needs be solid and stand out through its brand persona, premise and brand positioning. It’s not enough to just talk at people anymore, brands must engage and interact with their audience. This is becoming increasingly important for building solid brand awareness. In order to do that, your brand needs to establish a voice and tone.

Get found: It’s important that your marketing strategy includes a strong SEO component. This should include a comprehensive online advertising campaign or a google keyword campaign.

Be engaged: One of the marketing channels available to us now is social media. How effectively you use this channel can mean the difference between success and failure. So it’s important that your marketing plan include a social media strategy in order to increase engagement and build upon your other SEO initiatives.

Be holistic: Don’t just rely on new media, make sure you have a good dose of traditional media too. I often laugh when people say, “Traditional media is no longer effective”, especially when I come across 30 second TV or radio ads urging me to go to Facebook and “Like” them! And yes, you’ll also find the same message in print media. But regardless of what channel you choose to communicate in, make sure that all your communications tactics drive your point of contact to the same place.

Be consistent: Don’t rely on a one hit wonder, especially with branding! It takes a solid, consistent commitment to build brand awareness. The good news is that with social media, relative to traditional media, being “out there” doesn’t necessarily take a lot of money – but it does take a lot of time and planning.

Be website ready: There’s nothing worse than having your audience listen and engage with your brand only to direct them to a website that isn’t primed to take advantage of that opportunity! First impressions count. And in today’s environment, that means your website has to perform well by creating a positive experience to potential consumers and customers.

How do you feel about building brand awareness in the current market conditions? And what have you done to outperform your competitors?

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