Between July Fourth and the World Cup, we are pulsing with Patriotism lately.  Businesses have begun to embrace the American way lately too. With large corporations such as Apple and Wal-Mart announcing that they will begin production in the U.S., and promising statistics about the re-shoring movement, it seems like everyone is all about the stars and stripes these days.


Whether you have just moved production back to the United States or you have been an American-based business for the life of your company, it’s important to embrace this sense of American pride in your marketing efforts. There truly is a marketing opportunity for those companies that brand themselves as “Made in America.” The Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Consumer and Customer Insight found that when considering similar products made in the United States vs. China, Americans will pay 60% more on average for the American-made products.

There are plenty of ways that you can brand your American company. Let’s run down the list of areas where “Made in America” can be featured in marketing:

Social Media – Your social media outlets are the prime place to share about being an American business. Some ideas for social media posts are:

  • Share personal stories about where your products are manufactured and who makes them
  • Share photos of your location, storefront or employees (or all three!)
  • Tout the benefits of Made in the USA, including fast turnaround, safety, quality and job creation
  • Include “Made in America” taglines on your banner images for Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Be sure to mention in your company description that you are Made in the USA
  • Use hashtags in your post like #MadeinAmerica, #AmericanMade or #MadeintheUSA to make your pages easier to findMade in America

SEO – People are seeking out products that are specifically made in our country or a nearby state. Many shoppers and online researchers will type in things like “clothing made in America” or “manufacturers in New Jersey”, so you want to make sure you are appearing in those search results.

When developing your SEO strategy for things like your expertise, products sold and services offered, be sure to also use keywords that focus on your location. Include keywords that have your city, state and the words “United States” and “America” in it. If you can include hot terms like “Made in the USA” and “American Made” in your site’s content, use them! A great place to add these terms is on your Contact page or on your About Us page, which can tell your business’ story.

Website – Your website and your SEO strategy are closely related, but aside from including American-esque keywords in your content, there are a few other things you can add to your website. Create a “Made in the USA” message on your site that includes an American flag image. Prominently show your contact information that shows which state or states you are in. In product listings, say where the products were specifically manufactured.

Packaging – Include “Made in America” on your packaging, of course! Whether it’s on your hang tags, boxes, envelopes or the actual package, be sure to say where the product is made.

Promotional Items – Include your Made in America message on your promotional items, like trade show booths, sell sheets, mailers, branded promotional products, emails and more.

PR – When opening a new location or expanding, write a press release and be sure to include information on how many jobs you are creating! If you are writing a press release for other newsworthy events, be sure to add that you are an American Made brand in your boilerplate.

So, let’s see it – show us your American pride this Fourth of July! Where is your American company located? Do you have any other ideas for marketing these products and establishing your brand that we didnt mention? Talk to us in the comments!

Grass Roots Marketing has worked with American manufacturers, Manufacturing Extension Programs and U.S.-based small businesses for the life of our company. We are passionate about helping American companies establish strong branding and create special marketing campaigns.

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