Who Are Beliebers, What Do They Have to Say & Why Do We Care?

It must be hard being Justin Bieber, growing up in the spotlight and all. Not to mention, he has attracted a fair amount of attention over his gratuitous shirtless snaps and other antics.

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that he is a hot topic on the twittersphere (see top twitterholics based on followers). In the last seven days (ending Oct. 15, 2013) he has had one million mentions, leading us to wonder, what exactly do Justin Bieber fans tweet about and who are his beliebers?

Below we take a look.

Trending topics for Justin Bieber since July 1, 2013


The top tweets were unsurprisingly about his new song All That Matters, which got around 360k mentions on Twitter. The second most popular topic of chat for beliebers is the new Believe movie documenting Mr. Bieber and his mad fans. Considering the scale of the Justin Bieber movement and the number of die hard beliebers, the figures are not particularly surprising.

What else can we find out about his fans? Below, we have a go at profiling his fans.

Tweeters mentioning Justin Bieber by gender and sentiment for 2013 YTD


Although most of the Justin Bieber tweeters are women, there are still a fair amount of male fans as well. Across the genders, these tweeters have similar sentiments with regard to Mr. Bieber; 22% of female fans and 17% of male have a positive sentiment, where any polar sentiment is indicated. Justin might also be relieved to hear that 5% of his tweeters feel negatively towards him, which as far as celebrity baiting on Twitter goes, is not bad at all!

The topic clouds below show topics by gender for those tweeting about Justin Bieber.

Female fans


Male fans

First: Topic cloud among female Justin Bieber tweeters. Second: Topic cloud among male Justin Bieber tweeters

While female Belieber tweets mainly concern positive chat about his new song as well as amorous (digital) advances towards Justin, male Beliebers have a wider range of positive topics to chat about, urinating in a mop bucket aside, with regard to the pop star.

Below, we identify Bieber’s top 30 digital superfans by volume of tweets.


Now we have that information, we can profile these fans to see what else they talk about besides Justin Bieber (should they have any spare time).

Top 30 Beliebers’ Topic Cloud for 2013


Of course, top Beliebers mainly talk about Justin Bieber, but aside from that, they also talk a lot about other music (see “Lil Twist” and “WhatShouldPlayNext on HOT” topics) or concerts at different venues (see “Cher”, “Michael Buble” and “Tim McGraw” topics).

So … why is this relevant? The whole blog post highlights an interesting use case for marketing and outreach.

Not only is it interesting for Justin Bieber’s representatives to see what the twittersphere is saying about him on a PR level and get a general feel on his beliebers sentiment towards how he conducts himself, it is also very interesting to the wider marketing world. This works with regards to outreach, sponsorship and marketing collaborations for Bieber himself as well as outreach to his most influential fans. It is also valuable information for the wider industry and anyone trying to target a similar demographic to Beiber’s fans.

As a case study, this post demonstrates various opportunities for marketers who are seeking new opportunities through social media.