The Law of Attraction, one of the seven Laws of the Universe, explains that “like” matter is attracted to other “like” matter, whether positively or negatively. Magnets are scientific evidence of this, and although there’s no specific evidence to prove this Law in humans, I can say that I am a firm believer. We’re all coming up with great ideas on how to expand our reach, develop our business, or market our personal or professional brands differently – all in order to attract others who will really care and ultimately buy.

Have you ever heard something from a brand that felt like they were talking directly to you? It’s probably because the message embodied human qualities – personality, body language, humor – and it felt familiar. It’s these qualities that make up a brand’s fingerprint, which is nearly impossible to replicate by any other brand. When building your own “Brand of Attraction” it’s important that you build your unique fingerprint that makes sense to the essence of the brand – its values, beliefs, and own core body language.

heart_figHere are five ways to be a brand of attraction:

1. Get Real: Know who you are as a brand, and exude qualities that fit who you really are at the heart. It sounds so simple, and yet it’s probably the thing I find most companies get wrong. Whether you’re getting it from your customers, or doing the work from within, do the work to discover who your brand is. Pay attention to your fingerprint, it will create shifts along the way.

2. Empower your Team: One of the greatest empowerments just happened in the Super Bowl. Within minutes after the lights went out in the stadium, Oreo launched a Tweet featuring an image of a sole Oreo cookie under a spotlight with the headline “You can still dunk in the dark”. The Oreo brand team and maybe their agency were clearly on standby, ready to quickly take advantage of an opportunity. Their agility to execute a Tweet like that resonated, resulting in over 20,000 retweets and immeasurable word of mouth. That’s empowerment at it’s best!

3. Cherish your Raving Fans: When your brand hits its lows, the only thing that will sustain you through is the brand loyalists, or “raving fans”, that are always there for you. Don’t forget to thank them, even when you’re having a bad day or a low point. You never know which fan just might help you turn things around.

4. Know your Influencers: Too many people try to sell first and influence later. I don’t recommend this. Your influence network is much more likely to stand by you, get real with you, and help you grow if you bring them in and show them the love upfront. Imagine having a handful of people who want to shout from the rooftops simply because they care. Note: the best influencers are the ones you don’t need to ask.

5. Keep everyone in your Brand Orbit: Everyone matters in your brand orbit, as they all enter it at different places. Make sure you maintain the attraction at their entry and exit points, to make it more compelling for them to return. Your prospects, customers and evangelists are in control, and if you can relinquish it to them with confidence – by being confident in the strength of your brand’s fingerprint – you will always be on top of your brand’s growth.

Key Takeaway: Great brands thrive because they’re introspective, adopted by others because of shared values, then consistently fulfill its promise, ultimately creating value. Know your unique fingerprint, and your fans won’t be able to resist your “Brand of Attraction.”