When we begin to tell others what makes us different, what sets us apart from our competitors, it is often tempting to try to use impressive “big” words. My good friend, and fellow presenter/trainer, Alecia Huck, calls these “Charlie Brown Words.” These are the overly-inflated, attempting-to-sound-important descriptors that remind us of the sounds the adults made when Charlie Brown sits in the classroom (“wah wah… wah wah…”)

Do you find yourself using any of these words on your resume, business card or website? Are they typical and consistent with your overall language and tone of speech, or are you attempting to sound more important/significant/impressive?

Some examples of potential Charlie Brown Words and what you might use instead:

Instead of                                                                       Try

Transparent                                                                      Genuine

Passionate about                                                            Enjoy working with…

Articulate                                                                          Able to communicate ideas effectively

Effective, Results-oriented                                        Focused on meeting goals and expectations

Team-player                                                                    Experience managing many levels of staff…

Leader/Leadership                                                       Able to motivate teams and individuals to …

Diligent, dedicated, committed                               Always give 100% of myself

Visionary                                                                          Able to see the big picture of a concept/project

Starting to get the idea? By trying to sound impressive and concise, you might actually miss the message behind the word.

Also, consider whether you are stating the obvious in your attempt to capture the attention of your target audience. For instance, if you lead with the fact you are “trustworthy, dedicated and hard working,” ask yourself if that is a given for professionals in your field. I would assume my accountant and doctor are those things.  They don’t set you apart unless you demonstrate those qualities in an unusual way.

What are some Charlie Brown Words you run into? What do you substitute those words with?